Six Days of Christmas

Toddlers are super excited, anxious, impatient little people. Simple as that, well as least munchkin is. I decided on some simple traditions and six days of Christmas to fit within her view of the world. We put presents out and man oh man I should have waited every day she asks can we open them… Thus the six days of Christmas idea came about. 

So for today’s schedule we plan on doing our usual. Get ready for church, go to church, come home and do some Christmas crafts. Make snowflakes, snowmen, or something I haven’t quiet decided yet but I have a plethora of craft supplies and it will be fun for all of us to do something fun for the munchkin. 

Monday we have a Christmas theme family home evening planned. I’ll share this here today shortly. Tuesday is drive around and look at lights with hot cider and blankets. Weds we have the sister missionaries coming over for dinner so I’m doing soups, stews, and bread bowls ( super yum!). And then Thursday Christmas Eve we are opening one present well kiddo is and it be a Christmas movie, blanket, ticket for movie and vouchers for hot cocoa and popcorn ( because we have a ton of hot cocoa food storage wise and an air popper no microwave in this house). 

Friday open gifts and special breakfast. Should be a wonderful week. 

1.Christmas crafts- today 

2. Christmas inspired FHE on Monday 

3. Christmas baking and driving around to see lights Tuesday 

4. Sister missionaries over for dinner Wednesday 

5. Christmas Eve opening gift- watch movie with goodies- Thursday 

6. Christmas Day- opening of presents and special breakfast- Friday 

It will be an awesome six days. Now off  get a late breakfast and ready for church. 

Happy Sunday 

Our Week So FarΒ 

So far this week we were a bit lazy Mon-Weds we just vegged and did a few chores. We did have to do some chicken chasing out of the garden boxes but nothing too strenuous.

I’m getting some crochet projects going like this blanket:    
We also made this awesome castle with munchkin’s wooden blocks 

Jimmy whipped up these awesome ladders leading into the coop. Before we had a pallet propped up. These are so MUCH better! Attached with chain you can lift them up when raking out the run. 


I need to work outside in the garden but not sure where to begin with it I want to start making walk ways around the garden boxes. Most likely will use pallet wood to create a walkway. 

So exciting right πŸ˜‰


In the Works

So here’s the latest crochet project I have been working on and recently posted to Β VorpahlismΒ created this cute tiny heart pattern- took me a few to get it just right- This will be so easy to use for appliques and of course my barefoot sandals! I am in love with this heart! Hehe! That and it’s always nice to create something of your own and it turns out awesome ( and not something straight out of a horror movie- that happens)

~crochet heart~

~Today from Vorpahlism~

The hubs and I would like to introduce our Facebook page. Dedicated to our side businesses. Well I should say side business for him, full time for me. We’ve mashed up our housewares etsy shop idea with my Alexis Vorpahl shop on etsy where I sell my crochet. 

Freshly posted today: 

Working on perfecting this crochet wrap pattern from Luz Pattern, in her pattern she states I can sell what I make. Soon these lovelies will be in my shop    

The newest yarn to arrive for barefoot sandals! Mint & Ocean Coral


Just whipped up this lovely pair of barefoot sandals. Truly addicted to making these! 

Link to our Facebook page Vorpahlism

Link to my etsy shop- currently on vacation- soon to be opened with finished products My Shop
VPs over and out