Video Game Burn 

We have Kinect Adventures and Fryuit Ninja 15 minutes of fruit ninja proved “worth it” 173 calories burned and I was having fun! I’m still a little sick so it was all I could do before a coughing fit ensued. But it felt great! I sliced the fruit with both arms and even tried out some kicking moves with my legs ( which didn’t go as well dang gluteal muscle was mildly angry almost there glad it wasn’t a serious strain). 

The munchkin also loves that she can play with us -mostly the Kinect adventures games so I’ll seemingly burn some calories while having a blast with the kiddo. Can’t beat that! 

Eh I don’t have much else to type. Good night all! 


Personality Types

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I’ve never tried this before. Using the Myer Briggs personalities to create your characters. My friend was doing this the other day. I’m used to a questionnaire type character creation sheet: what color is your characters hair, eyes, how tall,etc while these are definitely important not  once did it cross my mind to utilize the […]

Christmas Gift List 

I’m attempting to get myself going on the to do list for Christmas gifts for munchkin and the hubs. Oh and hey! Long time no bloggin; maybe I’ve returned for good in the blogosphere… Moving on… 

It’s going to be my usual DIY I’ve asked what she wants and what he wants. Now it’s a matter of scoping out the supplies I already have and coming up with a plan. So far I’m liking the idea of one present opened on Christmas Eve that contains a movie, some goodies, and PJs ( which I might switch to a blanket because this girl has two drawers filled with pajamas! I have some fleece perfect for this project that I bought years ago just waiting to be used) 

And I’m going to try to implement this somehow for a more modest Christmas in the way of gifts and plan for more activities to do as a family instead. What those will be… I’m unsure still ( oh the creative procrastinator big is trying to catch me, I better speed up) 



  We had a sudden outburst of insane hail the other day and I hadnt properly prepared my garden for it. So today I was pulling out the decimated remains of my garden. 

I’m a bit “sad” but it is October and the cold is coming so I’m not as upset if it would have  happened mid season.

We are also going to redesign the garden area. I want to be up into my ears in canning next year and plenty of food so we don’t need to shop for any vegetables or fruit ( fruit trees are on my list for next year). 

Our ladies ( chickens) are laying wonderfully. Now to prep for meat rabbits! I guess overall I can look on the bright side, but still! Huge *sigh* for having to rip out my garden. 

There is just something about doing it that makes me mildly depressed. I know winter comes but there goes hard work right?!?!?

Why You Need to Get Yourself Some Castile Soap 

Castile soap has become my best friend in the world of house keeping, and gardening. I’ve used it for just about everything and while I’m sure somewhere else on the inter webs someone has raved about it and you’re probably familiar with this amazing schtuff… But if not, then you’ve come to the right place.

What I’ve used Castile soap for:

Dish washing detergent for the dish washer 

Washing dishes by hand 

Washing clothes it’s low susding works perfectly with the h.e machines. No issues

Soaking my moon time pads before washing – yeah I don’t care if that’s too much tmi for y’all it’s good to know you can soak reusable anything in Castile soap just think this can be applied to clothe diapers  too! Whoot whoot! 

Personal hygiene- hair, body, not a fan of it on my face but it can be used for that. 

I mix it a small amount with filtered water to clean up kitchen counters, tables, have even used it when dusting the furniture ( usually with more water and lemon essential oil) 

Spot cleaning the couch 

Cleaned sink, tub, and toilet in bathrooms-worked wonders! 

Totally works for mopping floors too 

Check out previous post on garden spray using Castile soap.
(I usually get lavender Castile soap it smells divine plus I like to add its complimentary EOs like lemon or tea tree when cleaning) 

I think that’s it, now go get thyself some Castile soap. 

P.S so many more uses! These were just a few