The Motivational Wall

So here’s my motivational wall in my bedroom . It’s ( the cork board) is getting a makeover currently so it’s a little bare. 

I have the hip hop abs workout schedule hung up, my reward list for when I weigh a certain amount- so at 22o ( example) I’ll be getting myself some adult coloring books um heck yes!  And it goes on like that. I might add I didn’t put clothes on there a lot because as you lose weight it’s obvious you’ll need new clothes not much of a reward if you ask me.  I have my last reward as clothing. But that’s my final goal and I am so going to have a huge shopping spree on Modcloth! 

Then I have my measurements chart and a weekly weight loss tracker. I’ll be adding my weight in big bold numbers like so: 

BEFORE: 245 


AFTER: 130 

So it’s always displayed. I’ll also add some quotes I like, etc whatever floats my boat. Along with this I also have some clothes hanging up that I would like to wear. Another motivational tool. I switch it out regularly too so it’s never the same top or bottom. Sometimes I do my wedding dress, etc. 

Changing it up makes more fun I say! So I do just that. I change up the quotes, etc. I’m also a very visual person so I need the visual cues to continuously help me. 

Well I think that is about it. I typed out the weight tracker, rewards chart, and measurements log on word then printed out. 

Now to find some new quotes that seriously speak to me. 



Binder Business

I am working on a few binders:

Family Binder- this has  a calendar,  the week at a glance, important dates like birthdays, a daily to do, and so on. I use this in conjunction with our fridge calendar. I’m super crazy about organizing and trying to keep to a “routine”, but any parent can agree this can and does change. When I am on the go I enter things into my phone calendar, but honestly I will forget quickly if I am not writing things down. So I make sure to have the calendars in the family binder up to date.  The fridge is only the current month; while the binder has all twelve months. I use protector sheets, a permanent marker to write on the protector sheets) and just clean off with rubbing alcohol. So ideas below to add to your binder

  • 1-2-inch binder
  • protector sheets
  • address and phone number pages
  • daily to do
  • calendar
  • meal planning
  • shopping list
  • homeschool schedule and other materials ( grade book, etc)
  • Special Dates to remember pages ( for birthdays and anniversaries)
  • The week at a glance
  • Recipe card section ( with the meal plans- if you needed to quickly jot down recipe from the net)

Emergency Binder- now some people think this is the same thing, it is not. The Family Binder is for day to day, etc. The Emergency binder houses all your important documents and personal information. For a Relief Society activity for the LDS Church I did a booth on the emergency binders for our preparedness fair. These are things I listed to put in the binder. You can find printables for free to help you organize. I suggest using a binder that zips up so you can keep the mini first aid kit in there along with other pertinent items ( for example let’s say you bottle feed your baby- packets of formula- diapers I even place feminine pads in there because you NEVER know) Keep your binder in safe that will be protected from damage like fire, flood, etc. Or keep it close but where no one else can find it but you so in case of emergency you can grab and go! make sure it is in a place that will not cause you harm! Also this is just a list to help you get started.

  • Family I.D kits ( there are also pet I.D kits)
  • birth certificates
  • social security cards
  • Medical records/ list of medications/ allergies for each family member
  • Immunization records for all family members
  • Pet medical records
  • Copies of credit and debit  cards front & back
  • Cash/ Checks
  • Property titles (homes, autos, boats, RVs, etc)
  • Insurance policies ( auto/ property/life)
  • Copy of car registration
  • Will
  • Marriage License
  • House Inventory- include photos
  • Map(s) – of your area, etc
  • Mini first aid kit
  • Internet passwords (banking, personal, work etc)
  • Utility statements
  • All other important documents ( work related, taxes, diplomas, certificates, licenses, etc)
  • Passports
  • Money ( cash and blank checks)

Here are my resources I used for the above. I am sharing my Pinterest board for the plethora of resources listed LOT’s of printables to choose from to fit your personal tastes.

Family Binder Board LexxyV

this was my favorite printable:

Home Organization Printable Pack Link

The Emergency Binder Printables are here ( these are the ones I used)

Free Printable Emergency Binder Pack

Now the third binder is my Health and Fitness binder. This can vary for everyone out there. Due to hormone issues and autoimmune ( I swear real crap, not trying to get a pity party or have an excuse, it affects me daily, I am working on it have lost 17 pounds already slow and steady is the course. I will get there and whoot! 17 pounds! )

Again Pinterest, ( admits to being a Pinterest addict, honestly it’s the best site out there. I have used it to make virtual mood boards for my textile design classes and I have utilized at least half of the crochet patterns I have pinned. it’s my go to for DIY project ideas and tutorials. If I had to be without Pinterest I’d probably suffer withdrawals *wink*)

The first link is free printables to help build up your fitness binder

Planning to Get Fit- Printables

the second is a paid download but totally worth it! it’s seven dollars- what is seven dollars for a lifetime of health? (  I totally bought this!)

SMART Weight Loss Fitness Planner

Along with this check out my Health, Wellness, and Motivation board:

Lexxy’s H, W, and M Board

I would have taken some pictures of my binders, but… I ain’t gonna lie; I’m lazy it’s 9:32 pm ( so my bedtime haha) and more often than not I prefer to use the WordPress app with such posts so I can use instacollage. ( I’ll edit this post later and add pictures that way)

So anyway there you have it. Do you have binders set up to help you get organized? If not, I highly recommend at least getting the emergency binder going.



Army LifeΒ 

It has been a very interesting ride as an army wife. This post is geared toward creating a schedule that slowly gets the household ready before your spouse goes off for training. This year has been extremely trying for us as the hubs has been in and out of the field for months. 

I won’t disclose dates but he is due to leave for A months training and I’m contemplating what I need to do in order to get things going for myself. 

While he is away I assume all chores, meal prep, etc. I’m blessed to have a husband who helps me with little things like taking out the trash, dishes, laundry, and yard work. 

Even with his crazy, busy schedule he manages to do more than I expect him to( like a new garden fence) In our day to day adventures; our week days consist of him leaving early for work, coming home just in time for dinner and bedtime starts for the munchkin it goes by quickly. 

Our weekends are spent trying to improve the house and using reclaimed materials for our DIY projects. Anyway! I’m attempting a small novel of our life hahaha! 

Basically as he gets ready to leave I assume all chores and create a schedule that works for me. I was in the habit of waking up at 5:30 and I need to get back to that.  

As your spouse prepares to leave choose what chores and other activities he/ she needs to do with the family. I prefer Jim to spend as much time with Lana as he can. I’m used to him leaving, my mind understands why; children have a hard time with the constant training and leaving of one parent- it doesn’t hurt to have your spouse be the one to get bedtime going, read or sing to kids ( or whatever you do based off children’s ages we have a three year old) I always prep her, I let her know daddy is leaving, we let her see him packing, etc. 

Honestly it’s a great idea for the working spouse ( if you’re a stay at home mom) to come home and immediately spend time with the kids. Jim does this with our munchkin no matter what. 

So along with prepping family and slowly doing all chores, etc. I also like to do a super clean on the house. It’s not easy to be a one-woman show ( I applaud you single parents you all rock! Seriously! Don’t forget your level of awesome). 

Make it easier on yourself by organizing closets if need be, move furniture and clean underneath and behind it ( kitchen appliances too) I wash walls, dust up high. I’ll wash and sanitize all toys, vacuum mattresses on beds, wash curtains. Do the extra chores you don’t usually do weekly. 

I also tend to purge the paperwork area, shred what needs to be shredded and so on. Whatever makes it easier for you when your spouse is gone do it. 

Do a check of the house, vehicle maintenance, it never fails when the hubs is gone something goes wrong when I haven’t properly prepared or asked him to look at the swamp cooler, etc. 

The list can vary. I suggest having meals prepped and snacks too. We do Montessori inspired areas around the house and I’ll leave a snack within arms reach for munchkin throughout the week. I take one day to prep food like bread ( yes we bake it) and other things. 

If I cook a roast in the crock pot I’ll use that meat for the next few days in our meal. 

Right now though some meals aren’t planned to a T since we have our garden producing cucumbers, green beans, peas, and squash. These get included in meals as they harvested.

Utilize the crock pot, a rice cooker, and so on.  I do this anyway. You can also shop for less with your spouse gone don’t buy food you won’t get to eating especially if you have littles. 

Stock up first aid kits. Since I have animals they also have a first aid kit. Have all passwords and log in names for bill pay. We usually pay bills together but when he is gone I do that all. 

You don’t want to be without any important information. Everyone household runs different but make sure you can take the vehicle in to be fixed or call your landlord or mortgage center and be able to pay, whatever needs to be addressed. 

I’ve seen some people keep thing separate maybe it works. For us it doesn’t since he is gone a lot. Always make sure power of attorney is up to date, get into doctors if needed for yearly checkups if it is around that time. 

Get your prescriptions filled. I think you all get the idea. If you want to be super organized with visuals have a family board center. We use the fridge with dry erase boards- chores board, calendar, family home evening assignments. I also have a family binder. I might take things a bit overboard πŸ˜‰

I can’t think of anything else. Whether you’re an army spouse or have a spouse whose work takes them elsewhere it’s always good to prepared. 


Organization Phase TwoΒ 

In the midst of working on getting all clothes either washed, folded, put away, or set aside to take to thrift store. I’ve been hearing a lot about this book titled “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”. Very tempted to get it lol but the few links that reviewed the book gave me enough tips to get the closet and dresser in our room all sorted out here’s the progress so far in the drawers on my side:

   I rolled shirts military style really simple I’ll post a video later. 


18 assorted pairs of pants, capris, and shorts. Stacked vertically.. Best idea ever!!!! 

I have a lot more to do tomorrow; sadly I was interrupted by the dish tech guy and of course three crazy kiddos πŸ˜‰. But such is life I figure I can finish up tomorrow. No time limit on getting things organized right? 

So two tips to take away from this short blog post.roll shirts and fold pants to be placed vertically in drawers. I also did this with our underwear but hey no one wants to see that haha! 

It will be interesting to tackle the closet…. 

 The VPs 

Organizing Your Home- phase one- toddler roomΒ 

So I decided I would share my latest endeavor. I have been trying to super organize the house to make it easier for me to care for,  since I have  some serious never ending projects to complete and seriously want to grow my small business. Time management and organization is key in my book. 

I’ve slowly started munchkins room. Her toy area is all set up with Montessori in mind. I finally have the closet perfect. Some may like my ideas or even already do them. Heck for all I know you’ve already pinned an idea like mine. Anyway so moving on pictures! Why?!?!? Because I love visuals, I mean come on who doesn’t? 

 So below I have examples of how I set up her drawers. The first pic has underwear/ sock drawer along with the pajama drawer. She is able to grab these on her own. All pj sets are folded together shirt and pants/ shorts depending on the style. 

I like to put the socks together with one sock stuffed in the other but not inside out. That’s probably a bit “OCD” on my part, most of the time if I just roll them together she ends up wearing one inside out.. Cringe lol!   
In some drawers I have set up pre- made outfits for her to choose from along with the clothes hanging in the closet. Usually with Montessori it should be lower but she loves dress up so I choose to have miminal amounts in the drawer and hang up a lot of outfits I make as I am folding and putting away. 

All these shirts have pants already with them. I simply take two outfits out at a time and have her choose an outfit in the morning. 

On a side note I also keep long sleeves shirts available since Colorado has super crazy bi-polar never know when cold weather will strike so I keep a few handy. Since kiddos tend to grow fast I’ve already put away most of her winter clothes to either give away, send to my sis for her newest little one and to make way for clothes that fit. 

Heck I’m already in need of new shoes for the kiddo as well. Anyway so basically I pair outfits, pj sets, make some clothes available and then of course let her choose outfits to bring in that Montessori aspect. But honestly I think it’s good to give two year olds those sort of choices, especially as they seek out more independence. 

More notes: 

The top drawers are used for extra shirts in one drawer and her pampers for at night just in case, she is usually pretty dry in the morning but we have accidents here and there so I choose to just put them on her at night. She can reach the top drawers but really prefers getting to choose instead of looking through a drawer filled with shirts and pants. 

I will admit the initial work of getting this all set up took a few but I say don’t let that deterr you. Once it’s done it’s easy to keep up. 

So here’s the play area organized I can actually say over time of asking them to put away a toy they’ve played with ( munchkin and girl I watch) that they do it without asking and gladly clean up to move to the next adventure. My work here is done *wink* 

I don’t have a picture posted but on top of the play kitchen is her Montessori trays and the closet up top is used for storing her art stuff, etc her room is big enough to be a classroom of sorts so everything we do is in her space and she really likes that. She has an ikea link table to sit and draw at, do her trays, etc. 

I like to keep things miminal again, easier for her to put away, less chaos 


I absolutely love our DIY play kitchen as it doubles as storage and really keeps the room looking clean and neat. 

So I guess that’s it. How do you organize your kiddo area or areas?