Motivation and Check in 

 Oh so nervous as I upload my pic of what I look like now( mainly because bat wing baby seriously though ugh) Been contemplating the whip weight update bit. Weigh serious fluctuates I’m smaller at this 230 than I was when I was at 229 ( per measurements) so I’ve been more about body measurements than weight. Then have some screen shots of pins for motivation and hey logged in 61 days on MyFitnessPal oh yeah!!!! 

Not bad,not bad… I just need to keep on, keeping on. 

My Pinterest board if interested:

53 days 

Logged into MyFitnessPal, every day staying within a certain calorie range. Portion control. Accountability in several places. Here, MyFitnessPal, Facebook groups, so far it’s all helping. Well honestly it’s more of the I might have a cancerous cyst on my left ovary that’s really been pushing me to change. This is so sad to even admit but if that weren’t a factor I may not be trying as hard but there are factors as to why my ump isn’t anywhere where it needs to be really.

Additionally, I’ve just been battling exhaustion, body aches, etc. Whatever this all is my body has had enough. My mind has also. I recently cut out dairy and it has made a world of difference in the way I feel and what I can accomplish daily. I am hoping with some effort that when I go in for another ultrasound that nasty/ abnormal looking cyst is gone. 

If not I’ll just continue on my journey and share here. I’ve managed to stay active daily and hopefully can exercise more. I actually need to make another doctors appointment just to discuss general issues and see what he says. I’m slow to jump on issues because it’s always been a “if it’s not broken, bleeding and you’re not dying” type attitude. 

Take note this is not a good attitude to have. Especially when you have endometriosis, PCOS, and an ugly cyst that could potentially be bad. Everywhere I read, whether it’s news,articles or personal experiences. I see women saying they are not taken seriously when they go into the doctor. I’ve always felt this way it took five years for me to find a doctor that sprung into action to get the official diagnosis for endometriosis. 

Right now I have a pretty good doctor as well-thankfully-I’m picturing the look of concern on his face when he read my ultrasound report. I’m in good hands I dare say. 

Anyway just a check in that may have been me rehashing all that emotional crap of oh crap! This cyst is not normal! 

Anyway over and out… 


2016 Here I come! 

So new year and everyone is setting goals. Technically my fitness goals have been set for awhile now. Each week I have a goal to lose one or two pounds, exercise five to six days, and watch what I eat. I log it all on MyFitnessPal. It’s a great motivator when you have other people doing the same. These goals won’t change but I’m sure new ones will emerge as I travel along the path. 

I suppose the newest goal is to make sure I’m stretching at night to help my muscles so I don’t acquire unwanted injuries that hinder my progress ( which my gluteal muscle injury is feeling better but I should be completing Hip Hop Abs earlier now it’s been delayed) . 

So here’s a list of my goals: 

  • Exercise 5-6 days a week ( the 6th day being a day to just keep active. Choosing a family oriented activity like hiking would be fun). 
  • Weigh in on Saturday every week record weight on my weight loss tracker. While my ultimate goal is two pounds I don’t beat myself up if it’s one. I just continue on. If I continue to lose one or two pounds by October I should reach my goal of 130 pounds. Even just losing one puts me closer to my goal closer to healthy, but I also remind myself that for losing a large amount of weight and wanting to keep it off envolves pacing myself, slow and steady. One day, one week, at a time. 
  • Take  body measurements monthly. Keep all measurement records.  
  • After completing Hip Hop Abs find another Beachbody workout set to accomplish. 
  • Keep up the motivational wall. Always have an outfit hanging up for added motivation. ( check out previous post on my motivational wall) 
  • Rewards at ten pound increments. I already have a list up until my final goal is met. Another great motivator! 

That’s pretty much it. Fitness changes as weight is loss so simple achievable/ realistic goals will get me where I need to be. Just keep on keeping on.



Latest weight loss and a pic. 

Change of Plans 

I pulled one of my gluteal muscles OUCH. Delayed on hip hop abs. Realization that I need to stretch more. So working on stretching daily had to rest the first day I pulled and slowly working up to working out. Lesson learned for sure. I am also sick again this is not my year this winter. 

Anyway gosh some stretches are HARD I was doing the warm up and cool down with hip hop abs but I definitely need more stretching. I’m finding right before bed is the time for me to really stretch then relax those muscles. Let’s see if it also improves sleep. 


The Motivational Wall

So here’s my motivational wall in my bedroom . It’s ( the cork board) is getting a makeover currently so it’s a little bare. 

I have the hip hop abs workout schedule hung up, my reward list for when I weigh a certain amount- so at 22o ( example) I’ll be getting myself some adult coloring books um heck yes!  And it goes on like that. I might add I didn’t put clothes on there a lot because as you lose weight it’s obvious you’ll need new clothes not much of a reward if you ask me.  I have my last reward as clothing. But that’s my final goal and I am so going to have a huge shopping spree on Modcloth! 

Then I have my measurements chart and a weekly weight loss tracker. I’ll be adding my weight in big bold numbers like so: 

BEFORE: 245 


AFTER: 130 

So it’s always displayed. I’ll also add some quotes I like, etc whatever floats my boat. Along with this I also have some clothes hanging up that I would like to wear. Another motivational tool. I switch it out regularly too so it’s never the same top or bottom. Sometimes I do my wedding dress, etc. 

Changing it up makes more fun I say! So I do just that. I change up the quotes, etc. I’m also a very visual person so I need the visual cues to continuously help me. 

Well I think that is about it. I typed out the weight tracker, rewards chart, and measurements log on word then printed out. 

Now to find some new quotes that seriously speak to me. 



Not Typical 

My weight loss journey is not typical. I have celiac disease,food allergies, intolerances, endometriosis, possibly PCOS and hints of other autoimmune issues. Such is the territory of above problems. Doctors have said these are causing weight loss issues. They’ve seen my fitness diary, etc and are baffled.. I have had my thyroid checked in a few years as it’s always wonky. Hypo then hyper. My weight seriously fluncuates. I know good well meaning individuals will post comments and hey thanks I like that you are reaching out but please don’t offer me products I have medical doctors, homoepathic, etc guiding me along and I trust them fully. 

This doesn’t really help me either because more often than not a good chunk of weight loss products out there contain things I cannot  ingest into my body.   I have a list of products I like to eat, need to avoid, or use for my journey ( like this awesome gluten free, soy free, dairy free shake mix it’s the bomb) that fit my needs. It’s not typical and oh how I wish it was. I have a huge avoid list that works for me and it’s always changing. I might weigh 232 and you’re thinking you want to help but really it needs to be all me doing the work based on how my body works. I weighed 245! 13 pounds down. 1 to 2 pounds a week. I am in no rush to get the weight off. I am doing this journey right because I have a lot to lose weight wise. Slow and steady is the course. 

I’m not impatient. I want my habits to stick and to figure out the best foods, supplements for my body since it likes to get angry. I’m not a typical person, some ingredients contain wheat, soy, or msg and people are clueless all these send me on a flare from hell. So while I really do appreciate your thoughtful concerns let me do my thing. I’ll be here, definitely cheer me on. I absolutely need the support and I look forward to seeing comments from like-minded individuals on fitness and health.  Thank you 🙂 


P.S I have nothing against anyone taking supplements or anything. I hope I didn’t come across like a jerk oh the medium that is the internet right? I always say what works for one person doesn’t work for another. I have to find my individual mojo that gets my body healthy. While I do have a weight loss goal I am more concerned about my health and I am sure a lot of people can relate. 


 This was taken on November 30th, figured I’ll take a photo after 10 to 15 pounds is lost. Somewhere along those lines. So hard to post this but need to, holding myself accountable. Man am I fluffy?!?!? I made the mistake of not taking a photo when I weighed 245 and I wish I could see the difference! Never again it’s about tracking and journaling it all. Myfitnesspal, weight loss board, etc. Whatever it takes! 
– Lexx