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I’ve been sitting here thinking about all the different skills I would like to have that will further help us with our love of sustainability. I have crochet down, working on my knitting along with sewing. Drying herbs is easy, food preserving is my next goal and growing herbs. I’d actually like to forage for medicinal plants and such that see local to the area… Anyway let’s move on…

Here is a list of ideas for those of you who want to incorporate homestead skills in the urban setting:

Crochet or knitting- nothing beats making your own hats, scarves, gloves, and whatever else you think you can whip up using this skill. While you can just go out and buy hats it’s better to make yourself using sustainable yarn- think organic- I also prefer wool- it’s warm-it lasts. It’s a skill you can barter with if something happens where you would need to. 

Sewing- you don’t need to make haute couture. But it’s nice to be able to sew on  button or fix clothes you always have. You can upcycle old clothing into a variety of things ( yarn included). I used a few old shirts to make some dresses for the munchkin. Old jeans can be turned into a skirt, etc. I suggest having hand and machine sewing skills. 

Canning, cooking, baking, persevering, gardening, livestock-honestly don’t these all fit together? Having a garden can offset your grocery bill. If you can have backyard chickens go for it- fresh eggs. And if you’re not a vegan/ vegetarian raising rabbits for meat is a cheap way to supplement your meat bill. Quail are also an option.  There’s so much a person can do. We bake our own bread, have a garden, chickens, and looking to get meat rabbits going. We also wouldn’t mind hunting and fishing. 

I suggest also learning how to cook with different methods. Dutch ovens, solar, fire, you name it! Have some fun with it. I love campfire cooking. 

There’s also drying herbs, jerky, smoking meat, drying out veggies for food storage, canning, fermenting. 

Woodworking, handyman & vehicle repair skills- I’m blessed with the most amazing husband. We had a deep clog in our kitchen sink. His skills enabled us to unclog it ourselves and not have to pay a plumber. He knows basic electrical, plumbing, can build just about anything and takes care of maintenance on our vehicles. It saves a lot of money. He also is the type of husband to pull me into the whole process and has me do half the work. Which I thoroughly enjoy! 

Again I’m so blessed, my hubs rocks! Sorry gotta gush there just a bit again. That’s one of the major keys to making an urban “homestead” work. I can’t say we are fully that but we try to come close because we dream of owning farm land someday. Okay back to that key business. Working as a team, sharing the work, doing the work together, and so on. 

We are gathering up such skills in order to have our farm/ homestead one day. That’s our ultimate goal really. We may be in a urban setting but there’s plenty we can do for the future. 


P.S There are many more skills I could have mentioned for me these seemed to be the first few to consider as most important in the urban setting. 

Our Week So Farย 

So far this week we were a bit lazy Mon-Weds we just vegged and did a few chores. We did have to do some chicken chasing out of the garden boxes but nothing too strenuous.

I’m getting some crochet projects going like this blanket:    
We also made this awesome castle with munchkin’s wooden blocks 

Jimmy whipped up these awesome ladders leading into the coop. Before we had a pallet propped up. These are so MUCH better! Attached with chain you can lift them up when raking out the run. 


I need to work outside in the garden but not sure where to begin with it I want to start making walk ways around the garden boxes. Most likely will use pallet wood to create a walkway. 

So exciting right ๐Ÿ˜‰



In my happy Monday post I mentioned posting a free pattern, I will periodically do so as I get better and better with creating patterns some will be for sale, some will be presented here for free.

Easy Peasy Crochet barefoot sandals 



Sl St- slip stitch 


SC- single crochet 

HDC- half double crochet 

DC- double crochet

H- 5.0 mm hook 

G-4.25mm hook ( used for weaving in the ends) 

Peaches & Creme 100% cotton yarn 

With H hook Ch 7 then Sl st in last ch from hook. Next grab the tail and hold along the ring you’ve created this will ensure it’s tucked in nicely right away and you won’t have to do it later. It looks a lot cleaner this way as well!

In ring: HDC 14 then sl st to connect and you will have created your circle.

Now ch 20 and then sl st in loop right before your ch start. This creates the loop that will be placed around your toe.
Weave in the end using the G hook. When I weave in the end I do so by inserting the hook into the middle of the chained work or loop that fits around the toe and pulling toward the ” back” of my work.  Then I work the end into the HDC half way in the circle I’ve created and then snip any remaining end sticking out. 

Repeat to make second circle with toe loop and set aside. 
Next we need to make the ties. 

With your H hook you will ch 100-125 depending on size of your lower calf area. You can always chain more if you’d like the ties to wrap more around your leg.  

Make sure when you finish chain you tighten the end then leave a bit of the tail for later to measure against the other to make it even. 
Repeat ( so you will have 2 long chains/ ties) 
Connect your ties by using the G hook, line up ties to be even with the toe loop. I like to insert into 2 loops and then actually tie a small knot which is invisible, then weave in the ends as described above and check tails for evenness and snip off excess. 
You’ve now completed your first set of barefoot 

Can sell item made from pattern just link back to my etsy shop( Alexis Vorpahl) or  blog ( and do not copy or redistribute my pattern in way,shape,or form. Thank you! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Let me know how it works out for you I’ve had a few friends give feedback and say it was easy to understand and follow. One friend did a magic ring instead of the chain, this will make it look slightly different. The 20 chain for toe loop is what I figured as an average. The circle should sit about 3-4 inches away from the tip of the toe it’s worn on. You can easily change this and adjust to fit your fit just like the ties. 

Happy crocheting! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ


Close up 


For toddlers and kids just shorten the toe loop 10-12 ch ties can be any length I believe I did 50-60 ch for this pair 

Happy Mondayย 

I’m so excited to announce that I’m working on crochet patterns to sell and the first one I will be sharing will  be free on this blog! Whoot! I am working on my crochet barefoot sandal pattern. Relatively easy and gets my fingers wet in the pattern writing department.

 For so long I’ve been holding my crochet flower hair pin pattern like a severely guarded secret. But I have now decided I want to share it with others.

Of course before I post the pattern for public eyes I’m getting some critiques from fellow crochet enthusiasts and then I’ll create a pdf that can be downloaded for you readers. 

So stayed tuned for that pattern. Have a wonderful week! happy Monday 


Crochet of the Pastย 

 I am drawing a total blank on what to blog about today so I decide to go through my photos of past crochet projects and found some of my favorites  

Tunisian crochet- one of my favorite stitches for making dish cloths- took this during an order I was filling for a customer 


A crochet flower hair pin 


Facial scrub pads
Made this for my munchkin headband and boot cuffs    

I made this for a friend’s daughter 

Crochet food munchkin loves her set I made her 

   I need to work on my current wip which is the barefoot sandals with the hearts I previously posted about. I am about to make a list of all the projects I want to get done I have so many! What project are you working on readers? 


In the Works

So here’s the latest crochet project I have been working on and recently posted to ย Vorpahlismย created this cute tiny heart pattern- took me a few to get it just right- This will be so easy to use for appliques and of course my barefoot sandals! I am in love with this heart! Hehe! That and it’s always nice to create something of your own and it turns out awesome ( and not something straight out of a horror movie- that happens)

~crochet heart~