Army LifeΒ 

It has been a very interesting ride as an army wife. This post is geared toward creating a schedule that slowly gets the household ready before your spouse goes off for training. This year has been extremely trying for us as the hubs has been in and out of the field for months. 

I won’t disclose dates but he is due to leave for A months training and I’m contemplating what I need to do in order to get things going for myself. 

While he is away I assume all chores, meal prep, etc. I’m blessed to have a husband who helps me with little things like taking out the trash, dishes, laundry, and yard work. 

Even with his crazy, busy schedule he manages to do more than I expect him to( like a new garden fence) In our day to day adventures; our week days consist of him leaving early for work, coming home just in time for dinner and bedtime starts for the munchkin it goes by quickly. 

Our weekends are spent trying to improve the house and using reclaimed materials for our DIY projects. Anyway! I’m attempting a small novel of our life hahaha! 

Basically as he gets ready to leave I assume all chores and create a schedule that works for me. I was in the habit of waking up at 5:30 and I need to get back to that.  

As your spouse prepares to leave choose what chores and other activities he/ she needs to do with the family. I prefer Jim to spend as much time with Lana as he can. I’m used to him leaving, my mind understands why; children have a hard time with the constant training and leaving of one parent- it doesn’t hurt to have your spouse be the one to get bedtime going, read or sing to kids ( or whatever you do based off children’s ages we have a three year old) I always prep her, I let her know daddy is leaving, we let her see him packing, etc. 

Honestly it’s a great idea for the working spouse ( if you’re a stay at home mom) to come home and immediately spend time with the kids. Jim does this with our munchkin no matter what. 

So along with prepping family and slowly doing all chores, etc. I also like to do a super clean on the house. It’s not easy to be a one-woman show ( I applaud you single parents you all rock! Seriously! Don’t forget your level of awesome). 

Make it easier on yourself by organizing closets if need be, move furniture and clean underneath and behind it ( kitchen appliances too) I wash walls, dust up high. I’ll wash and sanitize all toys, vacuum mattresses on beds, wash curtains. Do the extra chores you don’t usually do weekly. 

I also tend to purge the paperwork area, shred what needs to be shredded and so on. Whatever makes it easier for you when your spouse is gone do it. 

Do a check of the house, vehicle maintenance, it never fails when the hubs is gone something goes wrong when I haven’t properly prepared or asked him to look at the swamp cooler, etc. 

The list can vary. I suggest having meals prepped and snacks too. We do Montessori inspired areas around the house and I’ll leave a snack within arms reach for munchkin throughout the week. I take one day to prep food like bread ( yes we bake it) and other things. 

If I cook a roast in the crock pot I’ll use that meat for the next few days in our meal. 

Right now though some meals aren’t planned to a T since we have our garden producing cucumbers, green beans, peas, and squash. These get included in meals as they harvested.

Utilize the crock pot, a rice cooker, and so on.  I do this anyway. You can also shop for less with your spouse gone don’t buy food you won’t get to eating especially if you have littles. 

Stock up first aid kits. Since I have animals they also have a first aid kit. Have all passwords and log in names for bill pay. We usually pay bills together but when he is gone I do that all. 

You don’t want to be without any important information. Everyone household runs different but make sure you can take the vehicle in to be fixed or call your landlord or mortgage center and be able to pay, whatever needs to be addressed. 

I’ve seen some people keep thing separate maybe it works. For us it doesn’t since he is gone a lot. Always make sure power of attorney is up to date, get into doctors if needed for yearly checkups if it is around that time. 

Get your prescriptions filled. I think you all get the idea. If you want to be super organized with visuals have a family board center. We use the fridge with dry erase boards- chores board, calendar, family home evening assignments. I also have a family binder. I might take things a bit overboard πŸ˜‰

I can’t think of anything else. Whether you’re an army spouse or have a spouse whose work takes them elsewhere it’s always good to prepared. 


You know what I hate…

When you attend an FRG meeting and the command pushes some hardcore morale on the soldiers and their spouses- when most of us are thinking ” YEAH! SCREW YOU!” Now hear me out. I don’t often post things of a negative nature. But I found this so contradictory… FRG meeting- ice cream social- yes it was nice- I mean come on- ICE CREAM- but the fact they act like the spouses are any sorts of happy about the training is irritating. Β It isn’t any sort of training that will happen six months from now or whatnot, it’s be recurring and absolutely daunting. 3 weeks out, 3 weeks home and then back out sort of deal.Words can’t express the stress. Not only this- we’ve had some accidents in other companies- even death- leaves me a bit on edge.

Background- this is a new battalion- it’s suppose to take ‘years’ to set up a new one- the army wants it done in 15 months. THANKS for that jerks. I haven’t talked to one person yet that was thrilled about this. What’s worse is if I am super upset by all this crazy and the many side jobs they’ve given my husband. How do these soldiers feel day in and day out? How is there any sort of respect for the chain of command? And I know I am not the only spouse scratching their and dealing with a lot of stress. I guess what gets me the most is how family friendly they pretend to be. This sort of training is beyond family friendly, and then what’s next- yep- deployment- gruel us hard with the training- and the rip our loved one away- can’t say I’ll be thrilled when this happens.

Sometimes the military life leaves me exhausted. I ask ” are we done with this yet?” and the answer is always uncertainty. You get use to the life, moving every three years, making new friends, but the year I was in Missouri, I fell in love with the place and the people. It killed me to leave. But with his current contract and when it ends- leaves us 8 more years and he will be done- get out- or stay in till retirement. Here in a few years maybe the decision will be more clear. Maybe things will wind down and I won’t be so bitter as I am right now… who knows… we’ll see…