About the Vorpahl Clan

Current Family Members:

James- the husband- in the army- my  soldier- awesome “hot” sauce – best hubs ever – the love of my life.

Alexis- me- the wifey- army wife-  according to the husband I might be awesome “hot” sauce too 😉

Ehlana Rain-the sidekick  our spunky, intelligent, giggly, toddler-best kid all around!

The Critters:

Jo the Dog-  my other sidekick- Goldador

Lils and Froggy Jack our feline companions Lils is part Egyptian Mau and Frogs is a Russian Blue

Ms.Bitey & the Chunky One- my gerbil ladies

Chocolat- Netherland Dwarf Rabbit- 3 pounds of ultimate cuteness

The Ladies- Our chickens- they have names- but 11 of them to go through- I’ll spare you for now


I like to think of Vorpahlism as who we are as a family and individuals along with our taste for sustainability, backyard chickens, DIY, and so on and so forth. ( just read our blog, you’ll get all the goods there)



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