53 days 

Logged into MyFitnessPal, every day staying within a certain calorie range. Portion control. Accountability in several places. Here, MyFitnessPal, Facebook groups, so far it’s all helping. Well honestly it’s more of the I might have a cancerous cyst on my left ovary that’s really been pushing me to change. This is so sad to even admit but if that weren’t a factor I may not be trying as hard but there are factors as to why my ump isn’t anywhere where it needs to be really.

Additionally, I’ve just been battling exhaustion, body aches, etc. Whatever this all is my body has had enough. My mind has also. I recently cut out dairy and it has made a world of difference in the way I feel and what I can accomplish daily. I am hoping with some effort that when I go in for another ultrasound that nasty/ abnormal looking cyst is gone. 

If not I’ll just continue on my journey and share here. I’ve managed to stay active daily and hopefully can exercise more. I actually need to make another doctors appointment just to discuss general issues and see what he says. I’m slow to jump on issues because it’s always been a “if it’s not broken, bleeding and you’re not dying” type attitude. 

Take note this is not a good attitude to have. Especially when you have endometriosis, PCOS, and an ugly cyst that could potentially be bad. Everywhere I read, whether it’s news,articles or personal experiences. I see women saying they are not taken seriously when they go into the doctor. I’ve always felt this way it took five years for me to find a doctor that sprung into action to get the official diagnosis for endometriosis. 

Right now I have a pretty good doctor as well-thankfully-I’m picturing the look of concern on his face when he read my ultrasound report. I’m in good hands I dare say. 

Anyway just a check in that may have been me rehashing all that emotional crap of oh crap! This cyst is not normal! 

Anyway over and out… 



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