I’ve been sick since Sunday with something some symptoms says sinus infection others say cold. Thinking allergies/ sinus issues being the ultimate culprit. Really driving me nuts though because I just want to feel like doing stuff and I want to sleep. You cannot sleep with a three year old around unless you convince her a nap is a good idea which only happens every so often these days. 

We do get quiet time but of course it is not the same. Anyway yesterday felt like the worst of the sickies. I missed classes Monday and Tuesday. Not my favorite choice but hopefully this evening I’ll feel up to it and can take this math test of mine (super nervous). 

I hate when my body gets sick… I was just about to pose the question does anyone else hate getting sick oh silly sickie head me of course y’all do! 

I don’t even know where I was going with this post. Haha! I think I going over yesterday, being sick always puts a kink in the plans to do other things today I’m not as foggy in the head and I’m going to concentrate on coursework and detox while I’m sick I know it almost sounds counter inituive. But it helps I’ll do a day with some detox tea, my vegan protein shake, and lots of veggies, no meat and it kick starts my system to fight off the nasties. 

Actually on that note I’m seriously considering a vegan diet because when you start to compare endo and PCOS. It may be the best option to stave off the issues and help both conditions. 

On another note I’m finding my cycles to be weird little beasties. I won’t have my usual endo pain until a few days before- usually severe cramps now it’s mostly just bowel and bladder issues, I’m often seriously late like 25 or more days. But when my menses begin oh I feel that endo wrath like never before! The only thing that stays true blue is endo belly. It’s there, it makes me angry, and it can just go away! It’s how I know my cycle is getting close to starting. 

I’m also not likely the bit of belly hair and rough hairs on the chin they are very minimal so for that I’m thankful but it’s something weird to contend with. 

Anyway! So yesterday was bunk but today is going to my biatch… Because I just need it to be so I can get to feeling better. 



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