Short Post 1

Just a check in…fluctuated in weight was 235 back down to 232. Cut out dairy completely and feeling better. Allergies and sinuses acting up but tis the season all that pollen and blooms is evil! At least it brings pretty spring. 

Working on when to take supplements. Seems magnesium may be one to take at night. Finding supplements without soy… Interesting to say the least. 

Update on my health: 

Doctor is thinking  mild PCOS, will just continue to watch my cycle closely. I also have an ovarian cyst that doesn’t look like the norm. So I will be going back in, in May to have it checked out again. If it’s still there or bigger- biopse time. 

Soliditary fist bump to my endo and PCOS sisters or any woman out there struggling with  female issue because this crap is real, it’s scary, heartbreaking, painful, and not fun. 

In the meantime, cracking down on my diet like a mad woman. Gotta get this body healthy. Whatever it decides to throw at me I’m prepared. 



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