Another one of those…

Long time no “see” blog posts. I decided I’d post what I call my endometriosis cocktail. Or a version of it as it changes depending on the time of the month.

One of my biggest struggles is dealing with my endo. It’s not a bad period, it’s not something to brush on the wayside. It’s serious. Did you know that endometriosis happens because  your immune system does not attack the endometrial tissue that is retrograde ( meaning it did not shed properly and flow out of the body instead it travels to nearby organs/ tissue outside of the uterus attaching to places like your bladder, ovaries, colon and so on). Now endometrial tissue is hormone based as we all know or I hope most people are aware. This is why we have periods. 

Now this same tissue is now outside of the body and still thickens like it would in the uterus month to month. This causes inflammation and bleeding ( because what does endometrial tissue do- exactly) this in turn causes the site to be somewhat like a blister on mentioned areas of the body and can cause in some women severe pain and even infertility even though they are not sure why. 

I’ve done a lot of research on vitamins and supplements to help with my endo. Mine isn’t severe  enough for any drastic measures( well last they checked it hadn’t consumed my pelvic area so this is good very good some women lose ovaries to endometriosis some have it so badly they have to have a hysterectomy) so here is my cocktail for my body and what makes me feel energized and not so crappy. 

Emergen-C, now according to a lot of sources women with endometriosis really need a large dose of vitamin C. I have a tumblr blog with all this info so if you want to venture over look for “The Endo Girl” vitamin C helps all those nasties get out of your system well think about it… Those endo blisters bleed monthly. Not what needs to happen inside your body around organs that don’t need that “poison” really it is what it is. Double the dose of Vitamin C and you’re clearing out that junk better. 

It also has B vitamins and minerals. Another thing women with endo need. And I mean a lot of it! As you can see I even have some extra B vitamins to take. If you’re recently diagnosed with endo you may be hearing things about the endo diet, which limits foods like wheat and certain meats. So up those B’s ladies. 

Along with is I have my female toner tea, magnesium ( I’ll save that for another post), ibuprofen ( inflammation high start taking it, as years have gone by I notice the subtle change and when I need to take it- if you’re trying to ge pregnant limit the ibuprofen you take and then remove it completely but this is when you really need to eat a anti-inflammatory diet) okay moving on see so much info so much! So little time. I also do cranberry pills and biotin. 

Oh and my allergy pill but that doesn’t count hehe! Anyway  I will see about shareing my tumbler posts here. This little cocktail does wonders for me. What do you have going for your health? 


DISCLAIMER: this is what works for me and I work closely with my doctor and other health/ wellness professionals. I suggest you do the same do your research and present it to those who are your health care providers. Always let them know what supplements you take. Like for example before surgery no cranberry can be taken. Some things interact. Best of luck 



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