2016 Here I come! 

So new year and everyone is setting goals. Technically my fitness goals have been set for awhile now. Each week I have a goal to lose one or two pounds, exercise five to six days, and watch what I eat. I log it all on MyFitnessPal. It’s a great motivator when you have other people doing the same. These goals won’t change but I’m sure new ones will emerge as I travel along the path. 

I suppose the newest goal is to make sure I’m stretching at night to help my muscles so I don’t acquire unwanted injuries that hinder my progress ( which my gluteal muscle injury is feeling better but I should be completing Hip Hop Abs earlier now it’s been delayed) . 

So here’s a list of my goals: 

  • Exercise 5-6 days a week ( the 6th day being a day to just keep active. Choosing a family oriented activity like hiking would be fun). 
  • Weigh in on Saturday every week record weight on my weight loss tracker. While my ultimate goal is two pounds I don’t beat myself up if it’s one. I just continue on. If I continue to lose one or two pounds by October I should reach my goal of 130 pounds. Even just losing one puts me closer to my goal closer to healthy, but I also remind myself that for losing a large amount of weight and wanting to keep it off envolves pacing myself, slow and steady. One day, one week, at a time. 
  • Take  body measurements monthly. Keep all measurement records.  
  • After completing Hip Hop Abs find another Beachbody workout set to accomplish. 
  • Keep up the motivational wall. Always have an outfit hanging up for added motivation. ( check out previous post on my motivational wall) 
  • Rewards at ten pound increments. I already have a list up until my final goal is met. Another great motivator! 

That’s pretty much it. Fitness changes as weight is loss so simple achievable/ realistic goals will get me where I need to be. Just keep on keeping on.



Latest weight loss and a pic. 


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