Day 1 

Complete! I had started and restarted hip hop abs quite a few times. In my defense knarly sinus infection for two months along with some other nasties seriously kills your workout mojo. Stupid sinuses it was the worst out of all the others I was afraid with all the winter sickies we have had in the household that I wouldn’t be up for it. But it was like riding a bike and while I did/ still feel the burn I was glad I hadn’t regressed/ lost progress exercise wise. 

I’m sure y’all can relate? Working out isn’t a thing you do once or twice. You have to keep it up. With all the sickies kicking our rumps I was sure I’d be dying while working out lol! Thankfully no! I hope it’s the daily chicken coop and run cleaning I have to do that has kept me up to par. Some serious work there. Even when I’m sick the animals come first plus if you’ve read any other parts of my blog my 11 ladies mean the world to me plus I get fresh eggs ( yum). And I miss farm life. 

So anyway back to that day one business,food diary complete, workout complete, and feeling great on top of it I had a full day first it was to my college to finish up registration, I had to take placement tests, see advising, figured out my classes, printed schedule, came home and made lunch, video game time while the little one did her learning games on iPad, house chores, dinner, family home evening, etc. 

I like days where I feel like I had a bit of good free time ( video game) but still managed to get a ton done. Now for some sleep!


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