Weight Loss Journey

I’m such a funny little person. I have been debating for weeks on this thought and thought alone ” where should I blog about my weight loss”. My Alexis Vorpahl blog is really a concentration on writing and mild life tidbits.

While here on the Vorpahlism blog it’s pretty much everything goes and so I decided it’s not a bad idea to blog about what I am doing for my weight loss journey. So far I’ve lost 13 pounds, it’s bounced around a lot because I slack. Anyway 232 pounds was 245 pounds I am slowly and surely on my way to 130 and on top of this since I am taking it slow, I’d like to think I’m like the tortoise. No need to rush, no need to overexert! Just keep doing what I know to do and build on from there.

It really is that simple. I feel like giving this weird little tip for this post. So weight loss has been hard for me. Most days are filled with some sort of fatigue making it harder to want to add exercise into the mix. I’ll do my usual or spend most of my time with the munchkin but I always feel so hard pressed when it comes to actual exercise.

I made a decision to cut my hair. Now this sounds so crazy. My hair is thick, unruly, coarse, and downright evil. Some of the time was spent on trying to detangle that mess every single morning. Admittedly leaving me a bit exhausted from the whole venture. Autoimmune crap does that to you.

Anyway I decided on a pixie hair cut. How life has become a bit easier with short hair. Less energy to expend on the hair and direct elsewhere. I know part of it is a matter of working through a month of really exercising, but… the haircut helped tremendously! I am going to keep it short until I am starting to feel better.

Part of my issues slowly lie on not moving enough. I know this. Yeah I can clean house, do laundry, play with kiddo, etc but it’s not enough!

So here is my current goal. Each week I am looking to lose 2 pounds. This is the suggested amount for healthy weight loss. 245 pounds was the starting point, my end goal is 130 pounds. People I am going to lose a small person! This is some serious stuff to take all in.

For awhile it really intimated me, the very thought of how much I really needed to lose. So daunting. Then you wake up one morning realizing you don’t want to be unhealthy. You want your back to stop hurting, you know its the weight. You get to a point and say hell no I am not getting myself stuck.

I have a few other ailments but it’s the back that bothers me most.

Is this going to be easy, oh heck no, will I succeed? I have no doubts in my mind. That has always been the issue “doubts” and low self esteem. So many things to work through.

It’s going to be a very interesting journey.




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