This was taken on November 30th, figured I’ll take a photo after 10 to 15 pounds is lost. Somewhere along those lines. So hard to post this but need to, holding myself accountable. Man am I fluffy?!?!? I made the mistake of not taking a photo when I weighed 245 and I wish I could see the difference! Never again it’s about tracking and journaling it all. Myfitnesspal, weight loss board, etc. Whatever it takes! 
– Lexx



3 thoughts on “Progress 

  1. Have you ever heard of Plexus? Plexus is an all natural line of health and wellness products that helps regulate your body so it works more efficiently. We offer products for weight loss, detoxification, vitamins that will blow your mind, and pain relief! Plexus is a health and wellness system that will meet you wherever you are and help you get to where you need to be. So whether you need to attain, retain, or maintain your health, plexus has products that may help you! If you are interested in talking more you can reach out to me on Facebook, or email me at I personally take the products and they have helped me tremendously and I also have a personal testimony to share with you if you are interested!

    • Thanks for the comment. I have endometriosis and some food intolerances and allergies along with celiac disease. Anything that says natural flavors makes me wary I’ve looked at Plexus’s ingredients not for me sorry. I have to be careful about what I purchase and have a very stringent list of products. My weight loss is slow and that is fine by me. My path to health is VERY different from others due to autoimmune and the above mentioned. Doctors already realize my weight loss is hard due to these issues. But have let me take the reigns in figuring out what works for my body and so far I’ve lost 13 pounds. Again thank you for the comment just not my thing.

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