Christmas Gift List 

I’m attempting to get myself going on the to do list for Christmas gifts for munchkin and the hubs. Oh and hey! Long time no bloggin; maybe I’ve returned for good in the blogosphere… Moving on… 

It’s going to be my usual DIY I’ve asked what she wants and what he wants. Now it’s a matter of scoping out the supplies I already have and coming up with a plan. So far I’m liking the idea of one present opened on Christmas Eve that contains a movie, some goodies, and PJs ( which I might switch to a blanket because this girl has two drawers filled with pajamas! I have some fleece perfect for this project that I bought years ago just waiting to be used) 

And I’m going to try to implement this somehow for a more modest Christmas in the way of gifts and plan for more activities to do as a family instead. What those will be… I’m unsure still ( oh the creative procrastinator big is trying to catch me, I better speed up) 



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