We had a sudden outburst of insane hail the other day and I hadnt properly prepared my garden for it. So today I was pulling out the decimated remains of my garden. 

I’m a bit “sad” but it is October and the cold is coming so I’m not as upset if it would have  happened mid season.

We are also going to redesign the garden area. I want to be up into my ears in canning next year and plenty of food so we don’t need to shop for any vegetables or fruit ( fruit trees are on my list for next year). 

Our ladies ( chickens) are laying wonderfully. Now to prep for meat rabbits! I guess overall I can look on the bright side, but still! Huge *sigh* for having to rip out my garden. 

There is just something about doing it that makes me mildly depressed. I know winter comes but there goes hard work right?!?!?


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