Binder Business

I am working on a few binders:

Family Binder- this has  a calendar,  the week at a glance, important dates like birthdays, a daily to do, and so on. I use this in conjunction with our fridge calendar. I’m super crazy about organizing and trying to keep to a “routine”, but any parent can agree this can and does change. When I am on the go I enter things into my phone calendar, but honestly I will forget quickly if I am not writing things down. So I make sure to have the calendars in the family binder up to date.  The fridge is only the current month; while the binder has all twelve months. I use protector sheets, a permanent marker to write on the protector sheets) and just clean off with rubbing alcohol. So ideas below to add to your binder

  • 1-2-inch binder
  • protector sheets
  • address and phone number pages
  • daily to do
  • calendar
  • meal planning
  • shopping list
  • homeschool schedule and other materials ( grade book, etc)
  • Special Dates to remember pages ( for birthdays and anniversaries)
  • The week at a glance
  • Recipe card section ( with the meal plans- if you needed to quickly jot down recipe from the net)

Emergency Binder- now some people think this is the same thing, it is not. The Family Binder is for day to day, etc. The Emergency binder houses all your important documents and personal information. For a Relief Society activity for the LDS Church I did a booth on the emergency binders for our preparedness fair. These are things I listed to put in the binder. You can find printables for free to help you organize. I suggest using a binder that zips up so you can keep the mini first aid kit in there along with other pertinent items ( for example let’s say you bottle feed your baby- packets of formula- diapers I even place feminine pads in there because you NEVER know) Keep your binder in safe that will be protected from damage like fire, flood, etc. Or keep it close but where no one else can find it but you so in case of emergency you can grab and go! make sure it is in a place that will not cause you harm! Also this is just a list to help you get started.

  • Family I.D kits ( there are also pet I.D kits)
  • birth certificates
  • social security cards
  • Medical records/ list of medications/ allergies for each family member
  • Immunization records for all family members
  • Pet medical records
  • Copies of credit and debit  cards front & back
  • Cash/ Checks
  • Property titles (homes, autos, boats, RVs, etc)
  • Insurance policies ( auto/ property/life)
  • Copy of car registration
  • Will
  • Marriage License
  • House Inventory- include photos
  • Map(s) – of your area, etc
  • Mini first aid kit
  • Internet passwords (banking, personal, work etc)
  • Utility statements
  • All other important documents ( work related, taxes, diplomas, certificates, licenses, etc)
  • Passports
  • Money ( cash and blank checks)

Here are my resources I used for the above. I am sharing my Pinterest board for the plethora of resources listed LOT’s of printables to choose from to fit your personal tastes.

Family Binder Board LexxyV

this was my favorite printable:

Home Organization Printable Pack Link

The Emergency Binder Printables are here ( these are the ones I used)

Free Printable Emergency Binder Pack

Now the third binder is my Health and Fitness binder. This can vary for everyone out there. Due to hormone issues and autoimmune ( I swear real crap, not trying to get a pity party or have an excuse, it affects me daily, I am working on it have lost 17 pounds already slow and steady is the course. I will get there and whoot! 17 pounds! )

Again Pinterest, ( admits to being a Pinterest addict, honestly it’s the best site out there. I have used it to make virtual mood boards for my textile design classes and I have utilized at least half of the crochet patterns I have pinned. it’s my go to for DIY project ideas and tutorials. If I had to be without Pinterest I’d probably suffer withdrawals *wink*)

The first link is free printables to help build up your fitness binder

Planning to Get Fit- Printables

the second is a paid download but totally worth it! it’s seven dollars- what is seven dollars for a lifetime of health? (  I totally bought this!)

SMART Weight Loss Fitness Planner

Along with this check out my Health, Wellness, and Motivation board:

Lexxy’s H, W, and M Board

I would have taken some pictures of my binders, but… I ain’t gonna lie; I’m lazy it’s 9:32 pm ( so my bedtime haha) and more often than not I prefer to use the WordPress app with such posts so I can use instacollage. ( I’ll edit this post later and add pictures that way)

So anyway there you have it. Do you have binders set up to help you get organized? If not, I highly recommend at least getting the emergency binder going.




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