Weekly F.H.E 2.0 

I better get this posted quick! So here is our plan for family home evening. 

Gospel Library App: children’s section- New Testament stories- chapter 1 

I chose two songs that are about faith. In the story of Elizabeth and Zacharias- he had no faith in the words that the angel told him. I figured those songs would be a good fit. 

Hymns pg 84 and then the children’s pg 14 

I also utilize the LDS Hymns app to play the songs. 

Cranberry pear sauce- it’s like apple sauce but so much better! We use canned pears and canned cranberry sauce to create this tasty treat. Place one large can of pears and a can of cranberry sauce into food processor or blender- blend and viola! An easy treat everyone will love can be served with graham crackers. 

Again this is short- simple- easy- great for the littles. 

If you need a rundown of how we do FHE check out previous post: 

Weekly F.H.E 1.0 




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