Why You Need to Get Yourself Some Castile Soap 

Castile soap has become my best friend in the world of house keeping, and gardening. I’ve used it for just about everything and while I’m sure somewhere else on the inter webs someone has raved about it and you’re probably familiar with this amazing schtuff… But if not, then you’ve come to the right place.

What I’ve used Castile soap for:

Dish washing detergent for the dish washer 

Washing dishes by hand 

Washing clothes it’s low susding works perfectly with the h.e machines. No issues

Soaking my moon time pads before washing – yeah I don’t care if that’s too much tmi for y’all it’s good to know you can soak reusable anything in Castile soap just think this can be applied to clothe diapers  too! Whoot whoot! 

Personal hygiene- hair, body, not a fan of it on my face but it can be used for that. 

I mix it a small amount with filtered water to clean up kitchen counters, tables, have even used it when dusting the furniture ( usually with more water and lemon essential oil) 

Spot cleaning the couch 

Cleaned sink, tub, and toilet in bathrooms-worked wonders! 

Totally works for mopping floors too 

Check out previous post on garden spray using Castile soap.
(I usually get lavender Castile soap it smells divine plus I like to add its complimentary EOs like lemon or tea tree when cleaning) 

I think that’s it, now go get thyself some Castile soap. 

P.S so many more uses! These were just a few 



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