Weekly FHE 1.0 (Toddler friendly) 

Below is our plan for Family Home Evening( oh and hello long time no blog) and I thought it would be perfect to plan it on Sunday in the morning  and post it for everyone to use either this evening or whenever you plan to your family time. 

We keep ours pretty simple right now I’m utilizing the children’s stories which include all the scriptures. I wanted to keep it Christ centered so I chose to do the New Testament and we will be reading the introduction as our lesson.

We usually do a story which is short and then an activity like coloring or some other craft. We do our treat before closing prayer I feel it’s weird to  have the treat after because we usually do this all right before bed so we make it glide right into bedtime for munchkin. 

( opening prayer is where I utilize to bless our family home evening as a whole with closing being what finishes it off. Of course you can choose what you want to do).

If you’re just starting to read my blog I’m LDS( often called Mormon) and we do one night a week of family time centered around our beliefs. This honestly can be applied to any religion or spiritual path/ any family. 

As I always says do what works for you. It’s really nice to have this time together centered around faith. ( or just a good family night) I know not all families share the same faith this is the best part again it can be tweaked to fit your needs. You could choose to explore different beliefs or include a moral story for a lesson like teaching children to be kind, etc. Maybe use some folk tales that has such. 

It’s really versatile and it’s nice to reserve a special family day. We like to get munchkin super excited and I have her help me get things ready for the evening. 

I’m going to start posting a weekly FHE post so stay tuned each Sunday. 

I took some screen shots and photos to give a good visual. I took a dry erase board some letter stickers and created our FHE board. ( for now) 

I also prefer to use the LDS Gospel Library app works wonders for quickly finding what sing and lesson you need. 

If your looking for more FHE ideas check out my board on Pinterest: 



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