UPDATED :Garden Spray Using Castile Soap 

So I wanted a natural garden spray to repel bugs, etc so as per usual I decided a quick rundown of Pinterest was needed ( I have an addiction I’ll admit it) I found one that I suggest NOT using it says to use pepper flakes and it clogged my spray bottle I couldn’t get it unclogged WORST IDEA EVER. 

I decided on the next best thing cayenne pepper, a bit of garlic powder, and most say dish soap but I decided to try Castile soap instead I used Bronner’s Lavender Castile soap.

I did a half a teaspoon of the C pepper and Garlic then some Castile soap admittedly I really didn’t measure I did a few drops in the spray bottle then filled with water. ( of course later I looked and found a similar recipe on Pinterest hehe). 

I used a smaller spray bottle but a bigger one would yield more and you’d need probably a tablespoon of the garlic and CPepper long with the soap probably about a tablespoon as well. ( ugh I would have made more BUT those dang pepper flakes clogged the bigger one oh I’m still steaming!)  

Anyway I’m excited to use this spray on the garden. Very inexpensive and it will do what I need it to do.

UPDATE: I’ve had some clogging occur in the spray bottle with this mixture. I’m not totally sure what needs to be done or changed to keep this from happening. I thought about heating up the water in my tea maker then pouring into a bowl and mixing the garlic and cayenne pepper since it will be pretty hot. Then adding soap later it works so well on the plants I hate to even think about buying an organic pesticide at the store… I’ll figure this clog thing out 




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