Working in the Garden 

Our garden was very impromptu. Weather had not permitted us to plant in April as planned. I ended up being the one to start seedlings and get things going while the hubs had training. 

Anyway this year has proved to be the teacher when it comes to gardening. I’ve always been blessed with the green thumb, gardening comes easy for both my husband and me.

But sooner or later there was bound to be a place to test my skills and my sanity. Colorado has been that test and I can’t say I’m terribly upset. We’ve had hail- some plants took a serious beating from such. Lesson learned and next year we will plan accordingly. It’s all about budget for us really so I’m actually planning out the garden design for next year. 

Which will include something we can place over the garden to block that hail from damaging the plants. Along with that lesson we have also some soil that’s more clay-like ( we blended it) so I’ve made a point to aerate the soil by using an old fork to poke holes in the soil. This is something I’m not used to but when I saw how compacted the soil was I knew it was necessary. 

A green house is also a must. If I have a green house set up I can start seeds early, keep them safe and have more success. Herbs are going to be in the house I’ve decided. I can use them year round and I really like this idea I found on Pinterest my kitchen window is going to be utilized for sure! 

I’m even contemplating getting lettuce and spinach going I have two windows that can be used for plants. Spinach might do better in the house my chickens attacked it. Another lesson learned. I had to chase my ladies out of the garden. 

On that note I’m also pretty sure I’m going to start a chicken feed garden as well for them. 

My house may end up surrounded by plants galore but that’s alright with me! 😃

My garden so far: 

 Yellow summer squash growing    
Bibb lettuce 

My beets     
The ladies roaming the yard 

 My little helper 😃 

Herb Garden Window link is here and below is a picture of the pin. Definitely visit the website! It’s a wonderful idea! 
I guess that’s it for now 😃



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