DIY- Vertical Herb Planter 

 I am always trying to find some way to recycle, reduce, reuse… This time I chose to use cans and a pallet with a bit of spray paint I had on hand to create this simple planter:

While I was spraying the pallet itself I thought to myself leave it a bit unfinished for a more rustic look. I like it!! 



( screws pictured aren’t what I used)  

1 pallet

9 cans either all the same or like mine

Drill, impact driver, drill bits for screwing in nails and drilling holes in the wood and metal ( different bits needed) 

1 nail and hammer 

Screws- 1 1/2 for length 

Spray paint color of your choice. 


Safety glasses

Work gloves ( if you choose, some people prefer to work 
What I did first is spray paint the cans and used hammer to poke holes through the  bottom to help plants drain I did about 10 on the larger cans and 6 on the smaller ones. You can use a sharpie to mark where you want holes I didn’t. 

Next I drilled holes in the can right near the top – Mark it with sharpie after this I aligned it on the pallet and used a marker to place a dot where I needed to drill into it and place the can on the pallet ( see above pic) then I used the impact driver to get the screw in this works best on tough pallet wood. If you use the drill you risk tearing up the bit and screw leaving them both useless. 

( while drilling into the can just hold it tight wear safety glasses the whole time) 

More pictures of the project. If you choose you can leave the pallet alone- not spray paint it. I do suggest a layer of clear stain to help seal up the wood. Unless you’re okay with just the way it is. I chose color because I want to do two more pallets in different colors. That’s pretty much really easy and simple to do now just fill those cans up with potting soil and plant your seeds or transfer started herbs to the pots.




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