Organization Phase Two 

In the midst of working on getting all clothes either washed, folded, put away, or set aside to take to thrift store. I’ve been hearing a lot about this book titled “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”. Very tempted to get it lol but the few links that reviewed the book gave me enough tips to get the closet and dresser in our room all sorted out here’s the progress so far in the drawers on my side:

   I rolled shirts military style really simple I’ll post a video later. 


18 assorted pairs of pants, capris, and shorts. Stacked vertically.. Best idea ever!!!! 

I have a lot more to do tomorrow; sadly I was interrupted by the dish tech guy and of course three crazy kiddos 😉. But such is life I figure I can finish up tomorrow. No time limit on getting things organized right? 

So two tips to take away from this short blog post.roll shirts and fold pants to be placed vertically in drawers. I also did this with our underwear but hey no one wants to see that haha! 

It will be interesting to tackle the closet…. 

 The VPs 


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