Getting the Garden Going 

Finally! Weather permitting, I planted my seeds today, some would say oh it’s so late but Colorado weather has been super wonky ( I even had to keep our chicks in the house longer than I would have liked, but then again I’m the type to worry…. A lot lol) 

Some of the seeds I planted in empty egg cartons, cardboard boxes, just in case I needed to bring them inside at night or set up a quick greenhouse of sorts using my folding table ( tomatoes, cucumbers, etc) while the early spring veggies are in one garden box ( gotta prep the other two).  I also just couldn’t wait anymore we want to build more boxes. Thinking this time we need to go shorter in the height of the box. 

Anyway!!!!first  I’m a visual person and  second I could type your eyes out if I let myself continue.. So let’s go with visuals:

Got my table set up with seedlings planted and marked.  
Just randomness here, grounded up some eggshells to be used in garden   


Marked off areas where I planted different seedlings… I swear there’s a. Ethos to my madness here… Hehe   

And of course the day wouldn’t be complete without spending time with my ladies. Blondie was very interesting in my shoes  

Best part is kiddos enjoyed themselves, I got to teach them ( however simple it was since the kiddos I watch are 8 & 5 while munchkin is 2) about gardening and they also enjoyed helping me prep the first gardening box and wanted to pull weeds yes you read that right. They actually wanted to pull weeds! 

Anyway that was pretty much my day outside work, some chores here and there, made a cake for hubs whose birthday is tomorrow.  Had a good family home evening which I will post about later. 

All in all I’d said it was a fantastic day

VPs over and out 


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