Organizing Your Home- phase one- toddler room 

So I decided I would share my latest endeavor. I have been trying to super organize the house to make it easier for me to care for,  since I have  some serious never ending projects to complete and seriously want to grow my small business. Time management and organization is key in my book. 

I’ve slowly started munchkins room. Her toy area is all set up with Montessori in mind. I finally have the closet perfect. Some may like my ideas or even already do them. Heck for all I know you’ve already pinned an idea like mine. Anyway so moving on pictures! Why?!?!? Because I love visuals, I mean come on who doesn’t? 

 So below I have examples of how I set up her drawers. The first pic has underwear/ sock drawer along with the pajama drawer. She is able to grab these on her own. All pj sets are folded together shirt and pants/ shorts depending on the style. 

I like to put the socks together with one sock stuffed in the other but not inside out. That’s probably a bit “OCD” on my part, most of the time if I just roll them together she ends up wearing one inside out.. Cringe lol!   
In some drawers I have set up pre- made outfits for her to choose from along with the clothes hanging in the closet. Usually with Montessori it should be lower but she loves dress up so I choose to have miminal amounts in the drawer and hang up a lot of outfits I make as I am folding and putting away. 

All these shirts have pants already with them. I simply take two outfits out at a time and have her choose an outfit in the morning. 

On a side note I also keep long sleeves shirts available since Colorado has super crazy bi-polar never know when cold weather will strike so I keep a few handy. Since kiddos tend to grow fast I’ve already put away most of her winter clothes to either give away, send to my sis for her newest little one and to make way for clothes that fit. 

Heck I’m already in need of new shoes for the kiddo as well. Anyway so basically I pair outfits, pj sets, make some clothes available and then of course let her choose outfits to bring in that Montessori aspect. But honestly I think it’s good to give two year olds those sort of choices, especially as they seek out more independence. 

More notes: 

The top drawers are used for extra shirts in one drawer and her pampers for at night just in case, she is usually pretty dry in the morning but we have accidents here and there so I choose to just put them on her at night. She can reach the top drawers but really prefers getting to choose instead of looking through a drawer filled with shirts and pants. 

I will admit the initial work of getting this all set up took a few but I say don’t let that deterr you. Once it’s done it’s easy to keep up. 

So here’s the play area organized I can actually say over time of asking them to put away a toy they’ve played with ( munchkin and girl I watch) that they do it without asking and gladly clean up to move to the next adventure. My work here is done *wink* 

I don’t have a picture posted but on top of the play kitchen is her Montessori trays and the closet up top is used for storing her art stuff, etc her room is big enough to be a classroom of sorts so everything we do is in her space and she really likes that. She has an ikea link table to sit and draw at, do her trays, etc. 

I like to keep things miminal again, easier for her to put away, less chaos 


I absolutely love our DIY play kitchen as it doubles as storage and really keeps the room looking clean and neat. 

So I guess that’s it. How do you organize your kiddo area or areas? 



3 thoughts on “Organizing Your Home- phase one- toddler room 

  1. Looks great! Coming from me, a sliver away from being labeled OCD, I hope you’ll be flattered by my approval, I’m an organizational freak, but to tell you the truth I enjoy the art of simplifying my living spaces. Most spaces can be utilized so much better with just a little organization!

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