Activity Cube 

So I’m always trying to come up with fun ideas to try with kiddos using the week. I decided to search Pinterest for some inspiration. What I found was an physical activity cube on Little Family Fun. Except I switched it up a bit and used a clear photo cube instead so I can wipe off with alcohol later and change it up a bit. But anyone can make this simple cube with paper as she explains. 

Here’s my interpretation of the physical activity cube: 

Now the cubes aren’t super sturdy for rolling so I used rubber bands to hold the cube in place better. Worked like a charm, then I had to come up with activities. 

In primary we have a song that gets the kids up and moving. 

Head, shoulders, knees and toes ( eyes, ears, mouth and nose) basically you have the kiddos place hands on head, shoulders, and knees and then they touch their toes and point at eyes, ears, etc. It’s a lot of fun you can go slow and fast to make it even better! 

The ants go marching 1 by 1 basically marching around in a circle or in place and singing. 

Skip, skip, skip to my loo- sort of self explanatory right?  skipping across the room. 

Stretch stretch like a tree, get the kiddos stretching 

Tumble and roll! Summer salts, rolling over, makes for a good time 

Hop hop like a frog, another one of those that I need not explain. 

Best part is I can change this up and plan to. So here you have it our version of the activity cube. 

Oh and this also gets you moving as well with the kiddos, it’s like a mini workout 😃 enjoy 

~the VPs~ 



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