Menu Planning

So I’ve been wanting to do this for some time now and have started planning out my meals and snacks for a whole month. I’ve finally found my niche in doing so, of course I checked out blogs and we even had a relief society activity that went over the method ( I took notes) some of which I think are totally useful of course.

Here are some ways to meal plan: 

Make your meal plan centered around your coupons: like it says start your list after you’ve clipped your coupons and prepare you meal plans around that 

If you have food storage, rotate that storage into your meal plan to keep a good flow. 

Or heck do both, coupons clipping to save on immediate needs and rotate food storage into the mix. 

You can even just plan week by week and have a shopping list especially if you’re dishes include fresh ingredients. 

I do a month of planning so I can buy what I need, I have a food saver so I separate foods, vacuum and seal to keep fresh. I do set aside money for buy fresh food every week mainly fruits, veggies, herbs. 

I also clip coupons, upload coupons from safeway app( where we shop), and add the U deals. It ends up saving me money and we get gas rewards which helps us majorly! We have diesel truck and those gas rewards make all the difference. 

However you can shop wherever but always make use of their deals, club cards, etc. 

Work your meal planning around your budget always it will save you money! 

Some helpful links to review: 

Skinny Mom Supper Club

Meal plan printables

Bi weekly meal planning

Why meal plan?

Meal planning saves money

Stayed tuned for the next post that is in the meal series. It’s about to get creative 

The VP’s 


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