Meals in the Making 

Sitting here with a lovely sinus infection, miserable and the like. When a brilliant came into my mind! I was pinning irish food dishes for Saint Patrick’s Day… Suddenly it dawned on me why  don’t I theme all my meal plans to a country/ region and make those dishes for the month! 

We will get to try new food! And of course cook, bake, broil, you name it. In this house we love experimenting in the kitchen. Of course not every meal will be centered on our theme but I want a good chunk of dishes included breakfast, luncheon, dinner, etc. 

Since I decided to start this based of my pinning Irish cuisine of course March will be nothing but ( maybe with a mix of dishes from surrounding areas as some will be similar think Scottland and England/UK) 

The rest of the year theme ideas so far: 

April-   Japan/ China  ( I will be in heaven! Also I make one awesome super egg roll- my friends mom whose from China taught me how) 

May-  Mediterranean/ Middle East/ Near East ( gyros baby!) 

June-  Spain 

July-  South America ( Mexico, Chile, etc going past the tacos man)  

August- North America ( it sounds silly but I plan on going in search of dishes that aren’t “typically” associated with the U.S like  Cajun/ Creole, and I can’t forget to add our neighbors north of us -Canadian cuisine, Native American too ( minus blood pudding though!) it will still be BBQ central here in our household… maybe a low country broil… Southern dishes some might not be aware of ( I’ll also include some Hawaiian dishes in the mix) 

September- Germany/ Belgium/ Poland 

October-  France

November-  Finland/ Norway/ Sweden 

December- Russia 

This might evolve or change I’m very unsure! This was really hard to come up with and I definitely included regions for obvious reasons easier to expand on different recipes to try.  We will see how it goes! 

The VP’s


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