the VP’s are busy busy as per usual. Whether it’s just the day to day hustle and bustle or our ever growing list of projects to complete ( so much to do so little time it seems) my latest projects include painting the walls we started in Munchkin’s bathroom, a nice light mint green, we also decided to place bead board/ wainscoting on half the wall to break up the serious minty-ness going on in there and it looks great ( wasn’t badly priced either in the way of DIY). 

The kitchen is almost finished paint-wise and I can’t wait to do our living room area. White walls just bother me, a blank canvas just waiting for a splash of color! Here’s the bathroom half way through love love love this color!!! I plan on making hello kitty art that goes with the color but it’s something I can change up without having to redo much besides changing wall art really. 

And then the kitchen: lots of white going on but now green! Yay! 😃

I actually never thought I’d go for such a green but I’ve stepped outside my box to add color usually we tend to go for the neutral, earthy, but we’ve since left that behind and I like where it is headed! 😃

The VP’s 


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