Getting things Montessori with a touch of Waldorf 

so I’ve always been interested in Motessori and Waldorf. Been researching a lot of links. Instead of writing a novel blog post go here for links: 

My Montessori/ Waldorf inspired Pinterest board

And this link: 

Top 10 Montessori Principles

Some of the things I like most about Montessori are hands on learning, following the child ( this helps you determine learning activities, etc), practical life skills, organic materials for toys instead of synthetic, you will see lots of wooden blocks, etc. I don’t totally exclude plastic I just make very precise decisions- like Munchkin’s megabloks she can still build things with them. I also keep around the Care Bears, etc for imaginative play. 

Waldorf is all about feeding the creative mind, and suggests a longer period before learning certain things like math, etc. Again another link! Free play,etc 

Waldorf in the Home

Personally I like a mixture, munchkin is high energy and needs that free play, but she loves to tinker and learn so I incorporate montessori trays, etc for learning time. I also limit TV it’s a reward not a given. 

Here is what I have so far in the way of her room 

Books within reach for her to explore: simple set up of toys, keep well organized 

This was my Walmart / thrift store shopping spree… I still deciding what to do with the shelves. 

The trays: 

Both munchkin and kiddo I watch daily enjoyed the trays. Beads for placing in lady bugs on number cards ( for the kiddo I watch who is five great learning tool)  and stencils to practice letters and numbers. 

The second tray is all about shapes with cards for matching and then paper shapes and pieces to create the shapes.  Both kiddos enjoyed them. 

As I incorporate more and do more I will post on this. Even if you only implement a few things from Montessori and Waldorf you will be presently surprised. 

The VP’s


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