When it Warms Up…

I totally take advantage of going outside. If anyone is familiar with Colorado Springs the weather is quite bi-polar. Yesterday it was blissfully in the 60’s. We opened windows, aired out the house, and worked on the back yard. We raked, cleaned up doggie not so nice presents left by Jo the dog, and then worked on our garden boxes ( stay tuned Jim is planning on FINALLY writing some blog posts with our garden plans).

Overall it was just a nice day of being outside. March is really when we will need to get things going like aerating the lawn,etc. February will be spent with the continuation of building garden boxes, cleaning up any debris in the yard ( we have three large trees which belong to the neighbors that have definitely left us with some leaves to clean up. It snowed before we got a chance to clean it all up). I also want to fix the rock that is around the house and fence; by putting up edging to keep the rock contained.

I’m excited to finally spend my days outside gardening and raising chickens. Looking for a farm or ranch that specifically has Ameraucana and possibly Light Brahma. Since we do get cold weather I prefer to get a hardy chicken breed as they lay better in winter. light Brahma’s are also gentle which makes them perfect for back yards. In Missouri at granny’s farm we had Ameraucana’s and they were also very sweet and laid really well continuously.

I just can’t wait I tell ya! Spring needs to get here already so I can enjoy being outdoors, save on groceries ( plus fresh veggies, fruit, and herbs!), and because chickens! I love chickens! We also plan on getting rabbits but we shall see when that happens. I would like chickens first so we can do away with eating store-bought eggs for good.

Anyway nothing else much over here in Vorpahlism territory other than planning out the beginnings of our urban homestead, fashion school for me ( which if you are interested in my fashion blog go here  https://modishlexx.wordpress.com/)  and army stuff for Jimmy. Munchkin as per usual is my awesome sidekick with some serious cuteness factor.

-VP’s Out-


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