Post it’s Rock!!!

So I’ve been trying to find ways to organize my life better especially with school, babysitting job, my own business of selling my crochet items ( I should include Young Living in that as well) and being a stay at home mom. Needless to say I’m busy, or at least I think am lol!

So I decided I wanted to utilize post it notes for my time management/ organization and I like the outcome I pinned some ideas but have yet to really read them through ( oops!) but this is what I have so far! And I love it!

I’m a very visual person so this method just made sense to me. I try to make every thing I do super budget friendly as well; use what you have available. I used my huge file folders I got for free and post it notes we had stashed on top of the fridge for my daily and weekly to do. I used a piece of scrap book paper for my school to do list.

Here is what they look like:



I used what I had on hand but this may morph as time goes by. The tiny post its could have appt times, etc. Big post its could have more details for a monthly to do and so on. I just spaced everything before pulling off some post its and sticking it to the folder and paper.

Best part is you can remove the daily post its and then write what needs to be done at night before bed. I like this idea because sometimes I can’t sleep until I do the to do list this makes it a no brainer and also enables the hubs to see what I have planned so he can help out, etc ( especially dog yard duty lol)

So anyway thought I’d share what I was up to. I’ll post more as time goes along and figure out my perfect system. Until then…

the VPs- Lexx signing out –


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