End of November and start of December

Going into December, wow is the year almost gone? Crazy! Today we worked on planter boxes and that’s the latest inspiration for the Vorpahlism blog. Hopefully the hubs and I can get to blogging more. Budget is tight and I’m sure a lot of you are in the same boat, working with what we have is my main goal right now I’m working on Christmas stockings this is one for the munchkin


It was pretty easy to make I traced a stocking cut out my pattern and the used that pattern to make the stocking. Then I blanket stitched the edges ( for this first one, the second one definitely needs to be seen on the sewing machine) and then crochet edge. I used fabric I had on hand, etc.

I love the little steps of self sufficiency and building upon talents. Making the stockings is just building onto the skills. Right now we are working on getting used wood to use for garden beds, plotting out the design for chicken coop and rabbit hutch. Goals are in progress.

VP fam signing out

P.S since I’m absolutely crazy *wink* I’m making stockings for everyone in the family and I mean hubs, me, munchkin, Jo the dog, Lils and froggy Jack ( they will be fish shaped stockings and Jo’s will be a bone) Chocolat the rabbit is getting one too ( still debating the shape carrot maybe?) and I’m making itty bitty stockings for the gerbils… Yes see crazy ( don’t be jealous)


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