Gratitude Turkey FHE

For family home evening we talked about gratitude and what it is as best we could for the munchkin ( she is two) most of the time was spent working on the turkey. I did some of the turkey while she napped ( it makes FHE go a bit faster and for a two year old it works best) and then we made chocolate chip cookies. While we waited for cookies I let her color a turkey coloring page and then we wrote what we are thankful for on the feathers I cut out earlier. Each day we will write on a feather what we are thankful for.

I googled a feather template and a picture of turkey to go off of to make my own ( I made him really large). You can find free printable templates. For young kids you will have to help fill out their feathers,older kids can write their own of course. I let munchkin draw on the feather a bit and just have a small chat about what they are grateful for like this:

” I am thankful for my dog Jo”

It’s a pretty easy craft, mildly time consuming, it’s also another reasons why I prepped things in advance. During FHE we all did something to help make the turkey complete. Munchkin helped glue and press on pieces of paper. Jim cut out the gobbler and eyes. I made the beak, etc assign each child a certain task depending on age and how many you have.

Here’s some photos to help





And here is a photo of the feathers we’ve placed on the gratitude turkey so far.


I’m wanting to make this a family tradition and hang up a gratitude animal each year πŸ˜ƒ

Oh and I almost forgot I utilize the primary 1 for FHE lessons, this photo is a screen shot from gospel library


There are several lessons on being thankful that cater to toddler aged children. Well I guess that’s about it feel free to steal my idea and get your gratitude turkey going ( or horse, penguin, maybe an alligator πŸ˜‰)

~VP Clan over and out~


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