November November

Finally getting things in order to open my etsy shop again. Crochet boot cuffs have been made and headbands are on the workbench. Working on just those for right now to sell and then will work with Jim to figure out what we will be doing for the Vorpahlism etsy shop.

This morning munchkin is on the iPad completing her daily learning apps while I blog and watch her between these types words. She is doing well with her matching games. Tonight is family home evening and I plan on making a gratitude turkey for us to hang up on the wall I will assemble the parts for the activity part and go over gratitude it should be a lot of fun.

I will most likely look for a gratitude lesson from the primary 1 book or delve into LDSdotorg to find something from the friend or search sugar doodle.

I will share the lesson later tonight with y’all ( while munchkin sleeps peacefully) and our wonderful gratitude turkey craft.

~ the VP fam~


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