Moving back into our house has been delayed, we were suppose to move back in at the end of this month but it has been pushed to July! As usual lots has happened. We now have my niece and we are taking care of her and will be her legal guardians. Along with the moving back into house being delayed our car is having troubles and we are down to one vehicle.

It makes life a little harder, not unbearable, sometimes all I think is ” Really! The car too!!!!” the Vorpahl family presses on though and each day I try to make sure I am counting my blessings and remembering what we do have instead of solely concentrating on the issues.

All of the home business plans have been pushed back, the only thing I am really concentrating on is my Young Living essential oils and hoping I can grow it slowly into a business that helps us cover some of the debt we have accrued due to the house fire. I thank the stars for having insurance, and it helps out alot but not on everything.

Slowly but surely I am sure we will get there and all will be well

-Vorpahl Fam out


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