Catching Up

The Vorpahl household has been busy with school, work( as per usual it seems) and progress of the house has been made. Finally weather permitted work on the roof and it is in the middle of being fully replaced. It has made my week to step outside the rental and be able to look down the street at our house and see it beginning to look more like a house again.

June will soon be here and we should be in the house near the end of June. My spring semester is coming to a close. Looking forward to summer vacation need to recharge and then of course being back in our home will make next semester easier because I will have all of my craft/ sewing supplies.

Jimmy’s work days are long. Five am and he is up to go to PT, then he comes home to get ready for the work day sometimes it’s not till 7pm that he is finally home. I’m always glad for the company of my animals. They all keep me busy.

Today was a good day for the most part. Sinus infection has me sleeping a lot and feeling a big blah. But we had a company come by today that delivers milk to the house and I decided why not? It was great tasting milk. Is local and means it’s fresher. It was cheaper than organic but was hormone and antibiotic free and can’t beat it being sent to the house.

We’ve been blessed to also have the missionaries come visit us weekly. So far we have a nice ward and I enjoy going to church. There are times my anxiety gets the best of me and we haven’t gone. But it’s getting better, just gotta get use to a new place, new people, new everything really.

It was interesting to be on base. It had been a year since going on base and being part of that military community. In truth I didn’t miss it too terribly. In Missouri I had my wonderful in laws, friends( and even friends who were military wives who understand), and the best little community to be in really.

I will always be missing Missouri and my Missouri family. There is no place like it. Granted I’m liking Colorado Springs minus it being so dry of course could do without that!

Well that’s pretty much it I think.

VP’s signing out



One thought on “Catching Up

  1. Hi Lexxi thank you for the wonderful up date I sure enjoyed reading about everything I sure miss my Lexxi but like it or not we all have to make changes in our lives , wow house almost done both of you must be near over joyed I am glad you have your critters to animals are so loving and understanding, will here in Mo we are just waiting for warmer weather so we can get out and do things out side, this has been a very unusual winter we’ll I hear things happening out in kitchen so better go love you both Granny.

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