Scripture Journal

I always love when I get to write, draw, and add to my scripture journal. It’s a simple sketch book with scrap book paper and my spiritual thoughts. It’s actually more of a spiritual journal and anyone can use this idea in their path. For me since I’m LDS a lot of what I have written is from the scriptures: King James Version of bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price. I also include talks given by people in church, etc.

Great messages today for general conference. There was a recurring theme of faith. Which I will contemplate.


Vorpahl Weekly 3.0

Another week passes. Fashion school is always time consuming and in the mix Jim and I have been working on another etsy store that involves housewares. Working on the products we want to sell. The house is progress in the making. All gutted upstairs and ready For a new roof. We are just waiting on good weather and our contractor to get it all going.

We are working hard on budget, debt elimination, and getting our etsy shops off the ground. I’ve had supplies stocked for while for mine but with moving and the house fire it’s been on hold. Which has been alright especially with catch up work for school.

Hoping the home business venture pays off since I want to stay home to finish school. Since it’s very time consuming I like the idea of being home and giving myself school hours and work hours without a commute or leaving the animals alone.

It also enables me to work with my chronic fatigue issues. If I need to rest I can and it won’t be hindrance if I had a job I’m sure I could take as many classes as I do.

Anyway another week down and we are surviving. Jimmy is busy at work, I’m busy at home. And all seems to be going well. Just taking one day at a time. Really hoping the etsy shops pay off and we get some money to help with the house. I’m a crafty person so we have all this stuff we can already use and didn’t need to purchase anything new ( well maybe except the spray paint that was new- everything else we already had thankfully some of my craft stuff stayed with me wish all of it had I would have more to work with!)

General conference was this weekend. Really great messages will post more later.

The VP Clan