Motivation Board- A Pin Complete

Motivation Board- A Pin Complete

I love Pinterest and I strive to do the projects/ ideas I post on my health and wellness board I pinned a motivation board 🙂 I really liked the idea. I included three main things on mine MIND-BODY-SPIRIT. Each has it’s own little section on the white board ( I seriously need a bigger one but this will do for now) I included things I felt I need to better myself as a person spiritually and mentally ( along with accomplishing my goals for my etsy shop) and of course the journey to health. It’s easy to do and something I will see daily when I am working in my office/ school space.

I used some quotes for motivation. Taped those on
Dry erase markers- can buy a ton of different colors if you go to an office supply store
The best part about this is the versatility of the board- at least in my mind’s eye- I can put what I need on there to help keep my motivation strong.

here is my pinterest board where you can find some the quotes I used:

and the pin itself:

I printed out some pins I found helpful ( hopefully no copyright as it’s only for personal use and I’m not going to sell anything lol)

Anyway easy project to help me with becoming healthy, succeeding in career and school, and at my core I am a spiritual person but I need some help there of course! 🙂



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