Long Time…

No see.. ( write)

So much to write about. We had a pretty smooth dity move in the way of packing and traveling.We packed our uhaul with the help of family. So thankful for all of their help. They are the best! We left for Colorado on a weekend and then stayed with friends. Again gratitude for the people in our lives. It cut down our PCS costs for sure. We closed on our house early and moved in.

But then the worst thing imaginable happened we moved in on a Friday night the last bit of February and then Sunday evening we had a house fire! It was scary, disheartening, and just downright awful. I’ve had a lot of trials in life but this one has shaken me up really bad. I sat there watching our new home burn and it seemed so surreal.

We were/ are lucky that a good samaritan was driving by and suspected something when when he saw too much smoke from our chimney and then saw a glow. He rang our doorbell and pounded on the door.

Without this person and two sweet ladies who were with him the fire could have been a lot worse! He helped us get our animals out, getting us all to safety. The two women helped with the animals and our neighbors across the way offered me a place to sit as the fire department put the flames to rest.

My neighbor also offered me her shoes and a jacket. It was cold and I had gone outside with no shoes or jacket. Of course I didn’t have time to grab such. I cared more about my precious little fur kids. I’m so glad I was able to grab the gerbils, Chocolat, and Lils. Cats as we know it often don’t jut come right away when they are called but Lils sure did and she let me hold her without fuss even when I was pulling Chocolat’s cage across the ground.

Thankfully it was made easier by our good samaritan ( wishing I could see this person again I don’t know his name) and we got rabbit and cat outside. Nothing can ever prepare you for a house fire. At least emotionally… I’m still a wreck on the inside, but I keep reminding myself that while our house may need repairs we are truly blessed. We are lucky that the a total stranger knocked on our door warning us, helping us, we are blessed to have neighbors who care, and we are blessed that people helped and saved our home.

We ended up with just mostly damage to house upstairs and smoke damage since we had barely moved in we hadn’t unpacked all of our boxes and totes. I prayed that my school supplies would be intact and they were even with the fire really damaging the room right next to the one I deemed my office/ school space.

I owe it all to these people from the stranger, to our neighbors, the fire department, police officers, and EMTs( they continuously checked on me). Without people who knows what could have happened to us and our home.
Counting the blessing among the heartache has really helped me stay positive. I will admit I’ve had moments of tears and sobbing.

When you find your home, yours and suddenly it’s not livable space you hurt. Thankfully we also have insurance that has helped us with getting a rental place that is right down the street from our house, just a walk away. And rental furniture, etc.

It’s truly been harrowing. What really breaks my heart is the fact that my husband has experienced this twice. When he was teenage they had a house fire and lost it all. The look on my husbands face that night is indescribable. He showed so much strength during it despite the situation.

Anyway, I feel like I’m rambling on and on. When I get the chance I’m going to blog some more on PCSing. It’s funny I can give advice on renting a place, living on base, or buying your own home( that’s a process). Either way I love to try to help other military spouses out there where I can.

PCSing is not easy, we will do it many times, leaving new friends, a place we began to call home. Luckily we get to cherish the memories of each place we have been. We get to keep those friendships even with the distance between them. We get new adventures and strength from being who we are and juggling our lives as military spouses.

See y’all next time

The VP clan

Plus Size Shopping Nightmare-ish

The day before yesterday marked a few hours at the mall while the fur children were at the groomers. First stop was soup and salad for lunch then we made our way to the mall.

I was a bit miffed that so many stores in Colorado Springs lacked good plus sizes. I almost wanted to scream! I’m fashionable heck I’m going to school for fashion design for heaven’s sake!

I slowly became disheartened when some of the clothing I had bought last year in some stores were now smaller pushing me out of the store and on the hunt.

I finally gave up and made my way to Lane Bryant for a bra fix. I like some of their clothing not all and a bra sale why HELLO! Right up my alley. It’s the only store worth buying bras at in my opinion- especially for my size 38DDD ( for the most part I have gone up to 38F) anyway new undergarments made my day a little better.

Anyway moving on. Yesterday we decided to go to JCPenny- it was similar to other stores I had to dig to find a XL or XXL that worked for me. I grabbed a pair of the new sketchers with the memory foam ( oh so comfy) and my husband bought a suit for church.

Real quick before I move on. So get this I was in the women’s section and only managed two shirts and a blazer that fit. Most of the junior sizes were better fits!?!?!?! Totally baffling! So I ended up grabbing something from there to go with my maxi skirt for church today.

Anyway then it was a trip to Target, which with my vertically challenged self the XL and XXL sizes always work for my upper body. But it seems recently that some of it is smaller again forcing me out of their store when it comes to clothing.

It’s a sad sad day when I feel like I have to go to Walmart for pants! I mean seriously come on!?!?!? Anyway Target ended up being exercise attire ( the only stuff that fit) and shoes.

I seriously wanted to start a revolution though. I’m sick of seeing cute clothing and being pushed away from even wearing it. It’s like the clothing companies are basically saying your fat and we don’t want you wearing our clothes. Especially when just a year ago I had purchased clothing at Target that was either XL or XXL.

I suppose this is why I’m in fashion school. I want to cater to all women no matter the size. I don’t know what the issue is though. It’s like Colorado Springs in general is lacking in the plus size department.

So what now do I need to lose weight ( which is hard for this girl I have underlying REAL issues like a whacked out thyroid that never makes up it’s mind, endometriosis that messes with my hormones and a lower back injury that leaves me being delicate in the exercise department for the moment).

But do I really have to have this pressure? It’s unhealthy I wanted to cry due to having to rummage and rummage some more to just find something that fit and something I liked. It made me feel terrible really.

I usually feel pretty good about myself, after all I might be a size 18 but I can work hard. I worked on a farm lifting 50 pound feed bags, cut the grass on seven acres, took care of the animals, fixed the fences put new fences in, farm work- hard labor- worked out in the sun for hours,etc- you get the idea I never felt “fat” but these last two shopping experiences sure made me feel that way!

It was awful! According to several of my average sized friends it’s not just my size it’s theirs also. Women should start revolting! We shouldn’t be pushed to bigger sizes and feel like heck after the experience!

I love shopping ( almost past tense I might add) I don’t think changes to clothing size is really going to help with the customer base. That’s just me though. I’m the type of person that will let someone know what I don’t like too. So I see future letters to places that sizes have changed.

I can easily tell all my plus size girlies to go elsewhere period. Revolution here I come!