Gearing Up

And the week is flying by! It’s already Wednesday! Wha!?!? Yesterday we spent time down at our small cabin where I stored all of our housing goods while Jim was in Korea. We originally had a storage unit but it was broken into so we decided to get a small cabin ( already built and ready to deliver) on his grandma’s small farm and it worked out and when we fix it up we will have our little guest cabin to stay in when we come to visit.

Tuesday Events:

It was quite the adventure! We started a little late and the building is just bare bones- no insulation or walls put in (yet). It was 3 degrees as we worked on re packing boxes and getting rid of things we didn’t need.

I think this is our third go round in the cabin- more time was spent down there though. All I can say is COLD! At least we managed to keep our toes 😉

We also had our cat Lils pull the biggest Houdini in cat history! We couldn’t find her last night; we called and called her name we searched everywhere in the house. We move couches the in-laws helped us search and she was nowhere to be found.

I started to fear the worst! I thought she had managed to elude one of us when the dogs were let out for the last time and was outside in this winter weather!

I pulled on my boots grabbed my jacket and took Jo outside and we searched. I figured if she were frozen stiff on the ground that our dog would at least find her and nudge her letting us where she was.

Needless to say we eventually came back inside and there she was at her food dish. Part of me wanted to shake the crap out of her and the other part was relieved that nothing had happened to her.We still can’t figure out where she was. I’m just glad she is alright.

Back to that packing bit:

I suppose I could give some sagely advice on the off chance that a new military wife is looking for a pcs related blog post. We spent the money to buy same sized totes. If doing a DITY move ( do it yourself) I highly suggest totes over cardboard boxes.

Especially when it comes to anything packed like pots, pans, and dishes. We had originally packed our kitchenwares in large boxes but DANG they are so stinkin heavy it’s ridiculous. It’s better to spread it out a bit and have less weight and totes help with that. They also stack better when you buy just one size.

We do have some other totes different sizes but those will be strategically placed lol! What I love most about DITY moves is you get to pack and mark boxes. It gives you a chance to really take inventory.

If you haven’t done a DITY move and have the military move you instead my only suggestion is creating a very through household goods inventory. Take pictures- put on cd to place in emergency/ pcs binder ( will go into that later) have a written list- easily created on Microsoft word.

This way you can be reassured that all goods have arrived and intact will make it easier to get claims through for broken/ damaged items. ( this is why we do the DITY moves when possible- if we were going to Hawaii or Germany it would be military movers for sure).

Today’s To Do’s:

For the most part I’m spending all of today working on my coursework for fashion school. I want/ need to get it done before our weekend of moving commences.

I have a block print to design for textile design, several pages to create for fashion color and design notebook, and of course last but not least fashion manufacturing.

I’m sure by this evening my brain will be suffering from overload but gotta do what I gotta do. Getting this all done today and possible tomorrow will ensure a less stressful Friday and Saturday.

Anyway mini novel here! I will stop with the babbling…

the VP clan


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