Nine Days

Wowza! Nine days and the VP clan will be off to Colorado for a new adventure in life! I didn’t expect it to go by this fast! This next week will be spent saying my goodbyes to the friends I have made here in Missouri. The anxiety is building but it is filled with excitement. You would think this army wife would be accustomed to moving and perhaps the moving jitters would not occur… but alas I guess not? 

I can say this though I am not as stressed as I have been with other moves. You learn rather quickly that stressing over a pending PCS and moving doesn’t really do anyone good. You just go with the flow of things and when crap happens you just deal with it accordingly and in the best way you know how. That is all you CAN do. Of course I have devised some methods to make things less stressful. I have my to do lists and they work for me ( they are always changing but it does keep me on track- lists don’t work for everybody of course but I dig my lists- keeps my head on straight).

We are trying to get a trailer ( purchase one) to move instead of renting as it will come in handy when we move again and again with the future plans we currently have. 

My only worry is schoolwork. I hope that the move does not hinder that in any aspect. I guess I will take my advice and just go with it. I will most likely prioritize the course work as high to do on my list for next week- complete it early and then start the moving to do’s after such. 

It sounds like the best plan of attack since we will be traveling on the weekend and my work is due on Sunday of each week. Better start tackling what I can now and get that head start! Can we say a fun filled weekend of homework, Mercedes-Benz fashion week live streaming, and of course more homework. 

I know it doesn’t sound like fun but I have two fun classes- fashion color and design and textile design- I will not be bored, I will not hate the work ( it’s creative, fun, hardwork yes, but I enjoy it). 

Wish me luck! 

Jimmy update- I should ask the hubs to help more with the blog, after all this is our blog really, about our life, too bad the dog and cat can’t type… though I’d be afraid to see what Lils has to write… yeah scratch that idea… 😉

the VP clan




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