~Vorpahl PCS 2014~

Well the hubs is officially home; picked him up on the 9th of Jan at the airport. It was pretty epic; we had his sister ( my sister in law) and her fiancé ( our soon to be brother in law) there along with our new addition to the family a lab/ retriever mix- his name is Jo.

My husband was greeted by family and a new best friend. I thought Jo was my dog… yeah I had that wrong. I guess there is just this connection between “a boy and his dog”.  We did the pick up and go routine instead of parking and headed off to get Jim some food.

After this we settled in; Jim rested from his jet lag and then soon the Vorpahls ( Jo included) were off to Colorado to go house hunting. We decided to buy a house this time around instead of rent or live on post. I had a good feeling about it so we went for it. For right now the house finding/ buying experience is ” under wraps” stay tuned for the house update.

Driving to Colorado was rather dull, windy, and a bit gray… We drove through Kansas and man oh man is it FLAT! Colorado was dry! It seems I have become solely accustomed to humidity and love it even though I grew up in high desert territory. Colorado Springs will take some adjustment and humidifiers for sure!

We have our cabin pretty much ready to go, my spring semester started so it’s school work galore. This will be adventure traveling while doing school; I’ve done this before but not with the sort of classes I am taking right now. Textile Design and Fashion Color & Design involve more hands on and less book time. Fashion manufacturing is more book thankfully but still work.

Other than a pending move and PCS ( permanent change of duty station) we are doing well. I am less depressed and feeling more energetic. 18 months without my love- just very hard to deal with.

I can’t really think of anything else to write per say. Moving is moving, there’s packing to do, cleaning, getting rid of things, and it always seems to be on repeat until the day you pack up and actually get on the road. The real adventure begins then as we make our way from Missouri to Colorado with a cat, dog, rabbit, and two gerbils with my school supplies as well ( gotta have those readily available to use).

Until then, who knows I may blog some here and there we shall see!


~VP Clan~



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