Gearing Up

And the week is flying by! It’s already Wednesday! Wha!?!? Yesterday we spent time down at our small cabin where I stored all of our housing goods while Jim was in Korea. We originally had a storage unit but it was broken into so we decided to get a small cabin ( already built and ready to deliver) on his grandma’s small farm and it worked out and when we fix it up we will have our little guest cabin to stay in when we come to visit.

Tuesday Events:

It was quite the adventure! We started a little late and the building is just bare bones- no insulation or walls put in (yet). It was 3 degrees as we worked on re packing boxes and getting rid of things we didn’t need.

I think this is our third go round in the cabin- more time was spent down there though. All I can say is COLD! At least we managed to keep our toes 😉

We also had our cat Lils pull the biggest Houdini in cat history! We couldn’t find her last night; we called and called her name we searched everywhere in the house. We move couches the in-laws helped us search and she was nowhere to be found.

I started to fear the worst! I thought she had managed to elude one of us when the dogs were let out for the last time and was outside in this winter weather!

I pulled on my boots grabbed my jacket and took Jo outside and we searched. I figured if she were frozen stiff on the ground that our dog would at least find her and nudge her letting us where she was.

Needless to say we eventually came back inside and there she was at her food dish. Part of me wanted to shake the crap out of her and the other part was relieved that nothing had happened to her.We still can’t figure out where she was. I’m just glad she is alright.

Back to that packing bit:

I suppose I could give some sagely advice on the off chance that a new military wife is looking for a pcs related blog post. We spent the money to buy same sized totes. If doing a DITY move ( do it yourself) I highly suggest totes over cardboard boxes.

Especially when it comes to anything packed like pots, pans, and dishes. We had originally packed our kitchenwares in large boxes but DANG they are so stinkin heavy it’s ridiculous. It’s better to spread it out a bit and have less weight and totes help with that. They also stack better when you buy just one size.

We do have some other totes different sizes but those will be strategically placed lol! What I love most about DITY moves is you get to pack and mark boxes. It gives you a chance to really take inventory.

If you haven’t done a DITY move and have the military move you instead my only suggestion is creating a very through household goods inventory. Take pictures- put on cd to place in emergency/ pcs binder ( will go into that later) have a written list- easily created on Microsoft word.

This way you can be reassured that all goods have arrived and intact will make it easier to get claims through for broken/ damaged items. ( this is why we do the DITY moves when possible- if we were going to Hawaii or Germany it would be military movers for sure).

Today’s To Do’s:

For the most part I’m spending all of today working on my coursework for fashion school. I want/ need to get it done before our weekend of moving commences.

I have a block print to design for textile design, several pages to create for fashion color and design notebook, and of course last but not least fashion manufacturing.

I’m sure by this evening my brain will be suffering from overload but gotta do what I gotta do. Getting this all done today and possible tomorrow will ensure a less stressful Friday and Saturday.

Anyway mini novel here! I will stop with the babbling…

the VP clan

Nine Days

Wowza! Nine days and the VP clan will be off to Colorado for a new adventure in life! I didn’t expect it to go by this fast! This next week will be spent saying my goodbyes to the friends I have made here in Missouri. The anxiety is building but it is filled with excitement. You would think this army wife would be accustomed to moving and perhaps the moving jitters would not occur… but alas I guess not? 

I can say this though I am not as stressed as I have been with other moves. You learn rather quickly that stressing over a pending PCS and moving doesn’t really do anyone good. You just go with the flow of things and when crap happens you just deal with it accordingly and in the best way you know how. That is all you CAN do. Of course I have devised some methods to make things less stressful. I have my to do lists and they work for me ( they are always changing but it does keep me on track- lists don’t work for everybody of course but I dig my lists- keeps my head on straight).

We are trying to get a trailer ( purchase one) to move instead of renting as it will come in handy when we move again and again with the future plans we currently have. 

My only worry is schoolwork. I hope that the move does not hinder that in any aspect. I guess I will take my advice and just go with it. I will most likely prioritize the course work as high to do on my list for next week- complete it early and then start the moving to do’s after such. 

It sounds like the best plan of attack since we will be traveling on the weekend and my work is due on Sunday of each week. Better start tackling what I can now and get that head start! Can we say a fun filled weekend of homework, Mercedes-Benz fashion week live streaming, and of course more homework. 

I know it doesn’t sound like fun but I have two fun classes- fashion color and design and textile design- I will not be bored, I will not hate the work ( it’s creative, fun, hardwork yes, but I enjoy it). 

Wish me luck! 

Jimmy update- I should ask the hubs to help more with the blog, after all this is our blog really, about our life, too bad the dog and cat can’t type… though I’d be afraid to see what Lils has to write… yeah scratch that idea… 😉

the VP clan




These are some older posts from a blog I had elsewhere but I wanted to share it here since I no longer use that blog I did the whole copy & paste routine:

A Gospel Principle- Work & Personal Responsibility:

This post is a prelude to the Sunday school lesson that we will be having in Gospel Principles ( 2013 Aug 4) on work as an eternal principle. The reason why I write this now is I often try ( being that operate word) to read the lesson beforehand along with the scriptures listed in the lesson. I contemplate the meaning of each principle we learn. Last night ( or early this morning really lol) I began to read.. I wanted to take this principle and apply it to my daily life.
So here goes: A brief overview
Heavenly Father and Christ are our examples of how working is indeed that eternal principle that I mentioned above. Heavenly Father created the Earth; Christ came to this world to do His Father’s work.
In John 9:4 Christ said this-
” I must work the works of Him that sent me”
( a excerpt from Gospel Principles manual Ch 27)
The lesson goes on to talk about Adam and Eve who also worked from the beginning. It is interesting to the see this. When I thought about it…what really came to mind is working the Earth, tilling the land and enjoying the Earth’s bounty. Without the many different sources we would not exist.
While it seems obvious that we must work in order to survive. We should do it filled with joy. Or at least try to ( there are days I would rather not work outside on the small farm I live on but…) If we remember that work is rewarding even when it well, sucks! We will continue on a path filled with positive transformations our ultimate goal is true conversion( true change).
The lesson soon goes into Personal Responsibility and the family structure. The Individual responsibilities of each family member When I read this I loved this particular part and took a side note…
” Couples should seek inspiration from the Lord and follow the counsel of the prophets when establishing individual responsibilities. Creating a home where principles of the gospel are taught daily and where love and order abound is as important as providing basic necessities of food and clothing.”
While it was more aimed at those with children. I had to make note for the couples without- which would be my husband and I currently. While we have no children we still need our daily soul food. We can teach each other the principles and be examples to each other. What I really mean by this also is lifting each other up. As a couple we are partners in our continuous spiritual growth as well as the mundane.
Okay moving on! That was a mild tangent!
Scripture time: Mosiah 2:17
“When ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God”
When I think about work I tie it to service- this scripture is in the lesson and for very good reason. When we are struggling with our daily work- whatever it may be. We should remember this scripture. Even if you can only take care of your own at the moment this is still being in service.
Okay now let’s get to the meat and the potatoes of my post..
For the rest of the week I will be pondering this:
” Why is it important to keep a balance of in life between work, recreation, and rest?”
reword this:
How can I actively seek to keep a balance in my life between work, recreation, and rest?
So for the rest of the week I will concentrate on this. This lesson comes at a time where I really needed it. I struggle with depression, anxiety, and endometriosis. Some days are hard for me to keep a balance; but I have faith if I ponder this and work at this with the Lord’s help- that I will find a balance that works for me. I will post more on this as the week goes by and as I figure things out 🙂

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Gospel Principle- The Sabbath Day
When I was younger before having my stent away from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I attended church every Sunday and thought for the most part I knew what it meant to keep this day holy. Turns out I was wrong! Even when I was in the exploratory stage of my spirituality experiencing other paths I always held Sunday near and dear as the day of rest.

Now that I am going back to church and attending Gospel Principles during Sunday school I am learning more than I ever did when I was a young perhaps stubborn teen ( yes very stubborn). A real quick tidbit on Gospel Principles… it is the class for new members or investigators of the church. It covers the basics of the gospel. The foundation of our beliefs in the LDS church. Even when a lesson topic is familiar to me I am grateful for this invaluable class and what we learn each Sunday.

Returning to church is really starting all over. Being inactive as we call it often leaves a person forgetting some ( not all) of the gospel and so I made the decision to attend the class till I know I am ready to move forward to Gospel Doctrine. I figure a back story was needed before continuing on to the topic of the Sabbath day.

I love the first question in our church manuals. The first question is what is the Sabbath day? I was dumbfounded as I stared at this question! My mind went blank! I thought to myself this day is a day I am very familiar with but what is the day about? It is a day of rest. In the beginning the Sabbath day was the day that Heavenly Father rested from creating the earth. He had six time periods that he referred to as days in the bible and the seventh time period ( or day) he rested and blessed this day as a day of rest and worship. ( for scriptural reference see Genesis 2:2-3)

Along with this; the Savior’s resurrection is also commemorated. He arose on Sunday and thus the Sabbath is on Sunday. If you look up the Sabbath it was originally on Saturday and was changed to Sunday when Christ was risen. Which makes absolute sense to me. There are scriptures that also back this up Acts 20:7 and Corinthians 16:2.

Anyway, we covered the origins of the Sabbath day ( the history) and then moved on to the purpose. In the manual it states that the Sabbath day was made for our benefit. It is a day we can solely concentrate on directing our thoughts and actions toward the Lord. We can ponder spiritual matters, read our scriptures, visit friends and family, perform acts of charity ( as would Christ who healed people on the Sabbath day). We can discuss what we learned in Sunday school, invite a friend to attend church with us. Give away a Book of Mormon. It seems like the possibilities are endless.

Which leads me to a question I reworded so I could journal about it:

” What can I do to improve my efforts to keep the Sabbath day holy?”

I gave a list of things we can do on Sunday that keep it holy. Some people would argue that some of these are not in the spirit of the Sabbath. And well I will argue that point! Which I already did really! Like Christ healing… as a christian I seek to follow Christ and His example. So if the Savior healed and helped on the Sabbath, me doing the same would be perfectly okay.

In the LDS church we are asked to rest from our daily labors like work when we can, there are some jobs that call for us to work such as doctor or nurse. Keeping the Sabbath in your mind and heart throughout the day is a way of keeping it Sanctified, keeping it holy even with work. Luckily I get to rest from my labors. We don’t do any work that we would do during the week save for feeding times for the animals. There are things that will always have to be done, but this is allowed. My grandma always said this though ” Saturday is the day you get ready for Sunday” ( It is also a children’s hymn song).

I am a strong believer in this. While farm chores like feeding the animals is something we have to do. We can prepare on Saturday to get things in order and then concentrate on the Sabbath more fully. in the manual it says we could ask ourselves these questions:

” Will it uplift and inspire me?”
” Does it show respect for the Lord?”
” Does it direct my thoughts to Him?”

Not once when I was growing up did I really do this! I was so used to Sunday and how we did things that I did not once remember to ask myself these questions. I want to write these on an index card so I can be aware. What can I do to uplift my soul on Sunday? Pray, attend church meetings.What can I read to inspire me? Church manuals and the scriptures, along with other church materials ( like the Ensign magazine) I can listen intently to the talks( Sacrament) and lessons ( Sunday school and Relief Society) for inspiration as well.

I feel like these are the meats and potatoes of it all these simple questions. They cover a broad spectrum. I didn’t answer each and every one, but I am sure you get the idea ( smiles). These questions can help me draw closer to the Lord and feed my soul. I believe as I try to keep the Sabbath day holy that I will be blessed. In our lesson we are told that blessing both temporal and spiritual are ours. Sometimes we won’t be aware of these blessings.

For me the biggest blessing of the Sabbath day is partaking of the Sacrament and renewing myself for the week. I can take that time during the administering the sacrament to remember the Atonement. To think about what Christ did for me. That right there is a blessing .

I know I haven’t covered as much as I could on the Sabbath day. It’s a little late but I want to start blogging about my faith and more about my life. I thought each Sunday I could go over what I learned in church. If you have questions comment and I will answer the best I can.

~Lexxy~ ( the VP clan)

~Vorpahl PCS 2014~

Well the hubs is officially home; picked him up on the 9th of Jan at the airport. It was pretty epic; we had his sister ( my sister in law) and her fiancé ( our soon to be brother in law) there along with our new addition to the family a lab/ retriever mix- his name is Jo.

My husband was greeted by family and a new best friend. I thought Jo was my dog… yeah I had that wrong. I guess there is just this connection between “a boy and his dog”.  We did the pick up and go routine instead of parking and headed off to get Jim some food.

After this we settled in; Jim rested from his jet lag and then soon the Vorpahls ( Jo included) were off to Colorado to go house hunting. We decided to buy a house this time around instead of rent or live on post. I had a good feeling about it so we went for it. For right now the house finding/ buying experience is ” under wraps” stay tuned for the house update.

Driving to Colorado was rather dull, windy, and a bit gray… We drove through Kansas and man oh man is it FLAT! Colorado was dry! It seems I have become solely accustomed to humidity and love it even though I grew up in high desert territory. Colorado Springs will take some adjustment and humidifiers for sure!

We have our cabin pretty much ready to go, my spring semester started so it’s school work galore. This will be adventure traveling while doing school; I’ve done this before but not with the sort of classes I am taking right now. Textile Design and Fashion Color & Design involve more hands on and less book time. Fashion manufacturing is more book thankfully but still work.

Other than a pending move and PCS ( permanent change of duty station) we are doing well. I am less depressed and feeling more energetic. 18 months without my love- just very hard to deal with.

I can’t really think of anything else to write per say. Moving is moving, there’s packing to do, cleaning, getting rid of things, and it always seems to be on repeat until the day you pack up and actually get on the road. The real adventure begins then as we make our way from Missouri to Colorado with a cat, dog, rabbit, and two gerbils with my school supplies as well ( gotta have those readily available to use).

Until then, who knows I may blog some here and there we shall see!


~VP Clan~