Jan 2014

Life has a way of catching up to you, snagging you up and keeping you away from blogging! ( no really it does) so here I am. My New Year’s resolution for Vorpahlism is type to my hearts content on my many blogs ( maybe that is the issue too). Anyway Jimmy is set to come home here soon like a day and a several hours or something of that sort. I’m so excited to finally have my husband back! And not for just week or two visit! We are PCSing ( moving) to Colorado Springs and right now I’ve just been slowing packing, getting things prepped for the move. There is a lot to be done.

All of our housing goods are currently in our cabin and needless to say the cabin is train wreck! Today I went down trying to decide how to proceed with repacking. I’ve purchased some totes for replacing boxes, created a “get rid of” pile and today I may have only packed one tote ( well two I brought a clear tote up to place all fashion school supplies in for Spring Semester so it’s at my finger tips but organized). Tomorrow will probably be another trip down to the cabin ( just a short walk from Granny’s house, I make it sound like it’s far away, but literally I have to walk down the hill from granny’s to our cabin).

~Short Intermission- must retrieve the Jo Dog from outside~

Okay I have returned! Quick little tangent- visited my mom in Texas for a few weeks, had a really great time painting and building a shelf with her. She had a dog lab/ retriever mix named Jo. She works a lot so now Jo is officially our doogie 🙂 I will have to write about my adventures to Texas and back in another post. As of right now I’m going to keep this short.