99 Days

My husband is the best! I love it when we finally get to talk on the phone and the first few words are I love you and 99 more days till I get home.

That right there lets me know how mug he misses me 🙂 not that I didn’t know this already as we have both expressed our pains of this soon to be year long separation from each other.

Part of me wonders if I should have gone to Korea, but then choices tend to lead us on the right path if we follow our gut. I had a feeling I should just stay and live with his family.

It’s been a good time. Finding the LDS church again, getting to know his family, refreshing my country/ farm girl skills. I’ve also had a chance to have good doctors and my official diagnosis of endometriosis. So a lot has happened. All of it good, bad(ish), interesting, and of course fun.

It will be nice to hold my husband in my arms again. I’m getting quite anxious/ restless. Just wanting him home.

He will be doing a lot of driving this week and so the long phone conversation we had made my night. Last week was the same busy busy and we hardly talked.

I’m hoping to have a good busy week myself going to teach a crochet lesson and complete the massive amounts of coursework I have 🙂

That massive amount of coursework also makes my week( go figure) I’m loving fashion school on a side note I have another blog called Modishly Lexx that’s my journey through school along with other musings on fashion with a hint of my personal life.

So check it out 🙂 if you want. Stay tuned for more posts from the VPs

The VP Clan


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