Vorpahl Weekly I

The Vorpahl’s had a very labored week. Jimmy was busy with work. He was running to and fro ( he works for a general and drives a lot) He mentioned to me that he had to set up for a warpath 2 exercise ( which I was allowed to share via the blog). He said he went to a lot of briefings. He has to drive to different camps or areas in Korea for the general and also has soldiers under him that he has to keep tabs on. His busier weeks are spent doing the above. I know how vague and boring it sounds! hahaha!

He also attended Family Home Evening at the missionaries home. They do this for single soldiers or soldiers who are in Korea without their spouses. This makes me happy that he is able to connect with other LDS members while going and doing something! Both of us are pretty bad at being loners. What’s worse is we truly enjoy each other’s company. I can literally spend a week with my husband 24 hours each day, and no fighting ensues. We just get along so well as best friends as well as being husband and wife. Man I miss him so much!!! I miss our days of cooking together and playing video games or watching movies.We actually have to make it a point to make friends or it’s just the two of us!

I miss going places like the mall to GameStop ( you all knew that was coming right?) or our obsession- furniture stores like Pier 1, World Market, and other stores we have found in our travels.  We have this thing for housewares what can we say? I also miss our drives. We just take off in the vehicle and go. It used to be Bella the Miata but now it’s been Brutus our F350.

I think I went on a tangent there… back to our week… his is just work, work, work, mine was school, school, school. Speaking of which I am still working on my coursework for three classes. It’s been a hard week for me fatigue wise and I have an accommodation for this issue with my school. But I seriously just want to push through. So it’s what I will if it continues next week then I will use it.

(No sorry’s from anyone- just my body and you learn to deal ya know? It could be worse) I have  been all over the place with  school fashion, illustration, environmental science and ultimately I decided fashion so attending The Academy of Art University for a BFA in Fashion Design. While I am on the subject of school Jimmy is also taking classes through American Military University. So we are student household these days. I am glad we are both pursuing some type of education we both have a lot under our belts already though! Jimmy was a crew chief, worked on black hawk helicopters, is now intelligence and is going to school.

I have my cosmetology license, have several places I sell my work like crochet items, I also started teaching crochet lessons. We are both busy! Yikes! Realization there no wonder I am so stinkin tired! It’s great though I enjoy school, enjoy crochet, and designing things for Zazzle for a royalty. I’m getting to do the thing I love.

October approaches, I wonder what the next week will have in store for the Vorpahl’s? Hopefully Jimmy and I will get more time to talk on the phone with us both being so busy we really haven’t gotten to talk like we do. We usually have a Skype Date Night and we haven’t had one in awhile. *sigh*

Such is the life of a military family ( because the critters count as kids in my book)

The VP Clan

p.s Lils apparently wants in on the blogging too. She is trying to take over the keyboard and attacking the mouse. Yep that’s my cheeky baby for you. 🙂


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