A bit of background info:

I previously had a blog on Blogger but WordPress is way better!! So I officially made the switch over So here we are 🙂

About the Vorpahl Clan

Current Family Members:

Jimmy- the husband- in the army- my sexy soldier- awesome sauce – best hubs ever – the love of my life.

Lexxy- me- the wifey- army wife- the sexy wife ( according to the husband)
I might be awesome “hot” sauce too 😉

Liliuokalani- the first fur child- cat creature- best friend- side kick- the snuggly.

Gerbil Babies- Ms.Bitey & The Chunky One- their names explain it all- they love food & gerbil play time in their balls- they are mini snugglies

Chocolat- Netherland Dwarf Rabbit- loves yogurt bites- cuddles- computer side kick- digs toilet paper rolls

Cash- he is my loan horse- but still my horse- pushy- a stinker- loves to give hugs- slimes the crap out of me daily!

Our life in a Nutshell ( No this is me in nutshell)

Jimmy and I have been married for 5 1/2 years, We have lived in Hawaii, Georgia, Arizona, California ( list not in any particular order) I live in Missouri while he is in Korea on a hardship tour ( which is almost over yeah!!!!) ( Jim has lived other places too- Texas and Florida can be added to his list)

We are both LDS- Latter-day saints and belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. We both grew up country and enjoy a simple life. We have enjoyed our army adventures but can’t wait to settle down ( five more years, just five more years!) and have a farm of our own someday.

I live with his grandma on her small farm and his mom lives on the property as well along with other family members ( makes life interesting). I spend my days taking online class for fashion design and helping out around the farm. We have horses, a mule, chickens, rabbits, cattle, and soon- possibly-goats!

Jimmy left Jan 2013 to Korea and will be back Jan 2014! Only a few more months!
We will be moving to Fort Carson and soon another adventure will unfold until them stick around while we finish our current one.

Our lives together & far apart are a combination of many things we call it

~VP Clan~


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